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Bushong 4,5

ch 4, 5 bushong

The photon is the smallest type of ________ __________? electromagnetic radiation
What are the 4 properties of a photon? wavelength, frequency, amplitude, velocity
What is the rate of the rise and fall of a sine wave called? frequency
What is the electromagnetic wave equation? C=Fλ
This is always constant for electromagnetic radiation? velocity
1 cycle per second is equal to 1 ______. hertz
What is the frequency of all electromagnetic radiation? 3x10^8m/s
If the frequency of electromagnetic radiation is decreased by 1/2, then the wavelength must be ________. doubled
If the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is increased by 2, then the frequency must be decreased by ____? 1/2
The intensity of radiation ______ in ________ proportion to the square of the distance of the object from the source? decrease, inverse
What does the last question describe? The inverse square law
Wavelength and frequency are ______ proportional. inversely
How is the inverse square law written? I1/I2= (D2)2/(D1)2
Why is the intensity of radiation reduced with distance? Because it has to spread out over a greater distance
Reduction in intensity that results in scattering and absorption is called? attenuation
What is the diagnostic range of x-rays? 30 to 150 kVp
If you are given an answer in KeV, then what formula did this originate from? relativity formula
Photon energy is ______ proportional to its frequency? directly
How are x-rays usually identified? by their energy
How is the relativity formula written? E=MC2
What is the lowest range of electromagnetic energy? radio waves
What is the highest range of electromagnetic energy? gamma rays
When will photons interact with matter most easily? when they are equal in size
Where are gamma rays produced? in the nucleus
What is the smallest unit of electrical charge? electron
Electrification occurs through the movement of ________. electrons
Photons with the lowest frequency have the ________ wavelength. longest
Photons with the _________ frequency have the shortest wavelength. highest
Unlike charges _______, while like charges ________. attract, repel
The charges of an electrified object are distributed __________________. evenly throughout
Name the 3 electrostatic laws. Unlike charges attract, like charges repel; electric is uniform or throughout the surface; electric charges are strongest on the sharpest curvature of the surface
Volts are the unit of what? electric potential
Electric power is measured in _______. watts
A battery is an example of which type of current? direct
Anything that can be plugged in is an example of which type of current? alternating
What is Ohm's Law? V=IR I=V/R R=V/I
AC is represented by what symbol? sinusoidal line
When applying an electric potential to a conductor, it produces what? 2 answers an electric current, and a magnetic field
How is an electrical charge distributed? evenly throughout
What produces an alternating current? a generator
In Coulombs Law, it states an electrostatic force is ________ proportional to the product of electrostatic charges and _________ proportional to the square of the distance between them. directly, inversely
Charged particles in motion create a(n) ___________. magnetic field
Name 2 examples of insulators. rubber, glass
In the USA, alternating current goes through a cycle ever ________ of a second. 1/60
What is the SI units for magnetic field strength? Tesla
What is an example of a series circuit? A string of Christmas lights
Water and plastic are examples of what type of magnetic material? Diamagnetic
When a material that is strongly attracted to metal is placed in an external magnetic field, it is said to be ________________. ferromagnetic
When electrons rotate on their axis creating a magnetic field? electron spin
Accumulation of aligned dipoles is called? magnetic domain
The magnetic force is ___________ to the product of the magnetic pole strengths divided by the ________ of the distance between them. proportional, square
What does adding a copper core to a solenoid do? intensifies the magnetic field
What is considered a natural magnet? the earth
What would be an example of a non magnetic material? wood and glass
What type of motor powers the rotating anode? induction
What does a transformer do? changes the intensity of alternating voltage and current
How many windings does the autotransformer have? 2 winding
Created by: radgirl37