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Medical Terminology

Chapter 1 Test

The combining form is made up of the _____ and a combining vowel. root
A letter linking a suffix and a root, or linking two roots, in a term is the: combining vowel
The foundation of a word is known as the root
The combining vowel connects the root to the _____ or to another root. suffix
A _____ is attached to the beginning of a word root to modify its meaning. prefix
Most often the combining vowel is the letter ____ _. o
The combining vowel is usually dropped when the suffix begins with _____. a vowel
The terms osteoarthritis and gastroenterology are both examples of using a combining vowel: To connect two word roots, even if the second root begins with a vowel
A patient who had her liver removed underwent a: Hepatectomy
The term that refers to a part of the hip bone is: Ilium
In the word nephrosis, the suffix is _____, which means _____. -osis, condition
________ means inflammation of the joints and is composed of the combining form ____ and the suffix _____. Arthritis, arthr/o, -itis
_________ means nerve pain. The term is composed of the combining form ____ and the suffix ____. Neuralgia, neur/o, -algia
__________ means removal of the stomach. The term is composed of the combining form ____ and the suffix _____. Gastrectomy, gastr/o, -ectomy
The study of the heart is called _______logy. cardio
A red blood cell is called an: erythrocyte
An incision into bone is called: osteotomy
What is an abnormal clotting condition is called: thrombosis
The study of diseases of the urinary system is ____logy; the word part you chose is a _________. uro, combining form
_____dermic means below the skin; the word part you chose is a ______. hypo, prefix
An electro_____gram is a record of the electrical conduction of the heart. cardio
A patient with an inflammation of the stomach and intestines has: Gastroenteritis
The study of disease is called: Pathology
While hiking, Mr. Lopez came into contact with poison ivy and subsequently developed an itching, oozing red rash on both arms. This acute inflammation of the skin is called: Dermatitis
Shawn, age 16, is being treated for leukemia, which is a condition in which there is a marked increase in abnormal: White blood cells
Jason was seen by the pediatric nurse practitioner for chills, headache, and a fever of 102ºF. Both of his parotid glands were swollen. Blood tests showed leukocytosis. The term leukocytosis has: Two combining forms and one suffix
The term that means the process of cutting into is: Incision
The component part enter/o is a: combining form
Epi- is a: Prefix
The component part -gram is a: suffix
Hypo- is a: prefix
The component part -itis is a: suffix
The suffix that means cutting into or incision is: -tomy
The word root for urine, urinary tract is: Ur
A tumor of the liver is called a(n): hepatoma
____al means pertaining to the kidneys. The word part you chose is a _____. Ren, word root
_____gastric means pertaining to below the stomach. The word part you chose is a _______. Sub-, prefix
Gastritis is inflammation of the: stomach
Hepatitis is inflammation of the: liver
Enteritis is inflammation of the: intestine
_____itis is inflammation of the kidney. Nephr
_____itis is inflammation of a gland. Aden
The word root for cancer is: carcin
The combining form that means bladder is: cyst/o
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