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Server Ch. 4

What holds a subset of forest-wide Active Directory objects and acts as a central repository by holding a complete copy of all objects from the host server's local domain with a partial copy of all objects from other domains within the same forest? Global Catalog
What is a partial copy of all objects from other domains within the same forest that is held on a global catalog server? Partial Attribute Set
What Windows Server 2008 feature stores universal group memberships on a local domain controller that can be used for logon to the domain, eliminating the need for frequent access to a global catalog server Universal Group Membership Caching
As a rule of thumb, you should estimate __________ percent of the size of the ntds.dit file of every other domain in the forest when sizing hardware for a global catalog server. 50 percent
How many FSMO roles does Active Directory support? 5
Which FSMO role has the authority to manage the creation and deletion of domains, domain trees, and application data partitions in the forest? Domain Naming Master
Which of these design aspects should you consider when planning the appropriate location of FSMO role holders? Number of domains, physical structure of the network, number of domain controllers that will be available in each domain.(all of the above)
What process is used when you move a FSMO role gracefully from one domain controller to another? Role Transfer
What tool is used to seize a FSMO role? ntdsutil
What is used to uniquely identify an object throughout the Active Directory domain? Security Identifier (SID)
Created by: paulysa