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SOC 101 T#3 MORE

These are the terms she just defined for us

Transsexuals people who feel they are one sex even though biologically they are the other (and who at some point may undergo procedures to alter certain sex related characteristics)
Transvestite a person who enjoys dressing in clothes of the opposite sex, but is heterosexual
Hermaphrodite human being with some combination of female and male genitalia
Androgyny the balanced, healthy combination of feminine and masculine characteristics
De Jure Segregation The physical and social separation of categories of people BY LAW
De Facto Segregation The physical and social separation of categories of people by just the way people live (neighborhoods and Sunday morning), NOT by law
All Weather Liberal someone who is not prejudiced and does not discriminate
Fair Weather Liberal someone who is not prejudiced but discriminates
Timid Bigot someone who is prejudiced but does not discriminate
Active Bigot someone who is prejudiced and does discriminate
Majority Group category of people who dominate and have power over others in society
Affirmative Action policy which allows organizations to set goals and timetables related to increasing diversity in order to address lack of equal opportunity that remains as a result of historical and present discrimination
Population Transfer forced migration of minority group people from one place to another
Labor unions organizations that seek to improve wages and working conditions
Polygamy Marriage that unites a person with two or more spouses
Polyandry Marriage that unites one woman with more than one man
Polygyny Marriage that unites one man with more than one woman
Created by: eduktd