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Kaplan MAT Vocab

Kaplan Miller Analogies Test Vocab Words and Synonyms

Abash To embarrass Syn:disconcert, discomfit, faze, mortify
Abate To decrease, reduce Syn:dwindle, ebb, recede, flag, wane
Aberration Something different from the usual Syn:anomaly, irregularity, abnormality, deviation
Abet To aid, act as accomplice Syn:help, succor, assist
Abject Miserable, pitiful Syn: pathetic, lamentable, sorry
Abridge To condense, shorten Syn:abbreviate, cut, prune
Abscond To depart secretly Syn:flee, decamp, fly, bolt
Abstemious marked by restrain, especially in the consumption of food or alcohol Syn:moderate, temperate, sparing
Abstinent Abstaining Syn:forbearing, refraining, ascetic
Accede To express approval; agree to Syn:assent, acquiesce, consent, concur
Accolade Praise, distinction Syn:praise, acclaim, approbation, commendation, kudos
Accretion Growth in size or increase in amount Syn:buildup, accumulation, accrual
Accrue To accumulate, grow by additions Syn:augment, enlarge, expand, burgeon, wax
Acerbic Bitter, sharp in taste or temper Syn:Tart, biting, caustic, cutting
Acme Highest point, summit Syn:apex, crown, peak, pinnacle, zenith
Acquiesce To agree, comply quirtly Syn:accede, consent, submit
Acrid Harsh, bitter Syn:sharp, pungent, caustic
Acrimony Bitterness, animosity Syn:choler, spleen, rancor, asperity, antipathy
Acumen Sharpness of insight Syn:apothem, aphorism, maxim
Adage Old saying or proverb Syn:apothem, aphorism, maxim
Admonish To caution or reprimand Syn:reprove, chide, upbraid, berate, rebuke
Adroit Skillful, accomplished, highly competent Syn:deft, dexterous, proficient, accomplished, adept
Adulation High praise Syn:admiration, flattery, accolade
Adulterate To corrupt or make impure Syn:contaminate, dilute
Aesthetic Pertaining to beauty or art Syn:artistic, tasteful
Alacrity Cheerful readiness, promptness in response Syn:celerity, promptness, dispatch, enthusiasm
Allusion Indirect reference Syn:intimation, suggestion
Altercation Noisy dispute Syn:argument, clash, fight, quarrel
Altruism Unselfish concern for others' welfare Syn:benevolence, generosity, kindness
Amalgamate To mix, combine Syn:integrate, assimilate, merge, incorporate, league
Ambivalence Attitude of uncertainty, conflicting emotions Syn:indecision, vacillation
Ambulatory or, relating to, or adapted to walking, moving about from place to place Syn:itinerant, nomadic, peripatetic, roving, vagabond
Ameliorate To make better, improve Syn:amend, better, reform
Amulet Ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits Syn:talisman, fetish
Anachronistic Outdated Syn:anomalous, inconsistent, inappropriate
Anathema Ban, curse; something shunned or dislike Syn:execration; horror, abomination
Ancillary Accessory, subordinate, helping Syn:adjunct, additional, auxiliary, supplemental
Anecdote Short, usually funny account of an event Syn:Story, joke
Anomaly Irregularity or deviation from the norm Syn:oddity, aberration, deviance, peculiarity, abnormality
Antediluvian Prehistoric, ancient beyond measure Syn:old, archaic, antique
Antipathy Dislike, hostility, extreme opposition or aversion Syn:enmity, malice, antagonism
Antithesis Exact opposite or direct contrast Syn:contrary, reverse
Apex Highest point, summit Syn:acme, crown, zenith, peak, crest
Aphorism Old saying or short pithy statement Syn:adage, apothegm, maxim, proverb
Apocryphal Not genuine, fictional Syn:erroneous, fictitious, fraudulent, false
Apostate One who renounces a religious faith Syn:renegade, turncoat, deserter
Appropriate (v.) To take possession of Syn:usurp, arrogate, commander
Aquatic Belonging or living in water Syn:watery, maritime, pelagic
Arable Suitable for civilization Syn:farmable, fertile
Arcane Secret, obscure, known only to a few Syn:esoteric, mysterious
Arch (adj.) Mischievous, roguish Syn:impish, waggish, saucy, ironic
Archipelago Large group of islands Syn:cluster, scattering
Arrogate To demand, claim arrogantly Syn:appropriate, usurp, seize, commandeer, assume
Ascetic Self-denying, abstinent, austere Syn:continent, temperate, abstemious
Ascribe To attribute to, assign Syn:accredit, impute, refer
Ashen Resembling ashes, deathly pale Syn:blanched, pallid, pasty, wan
Aspersion False rumor, damaging report, slander Syn:allegation, insinuation, reproach
Assiduous Diligent, persistant, hard-working Syn:industrious, steadfast, thorough
Assonance Resemblance in sound, especially in vowel sounds; partial rhyme Syn:repetition, similarity, echo
Assuage To make less severe, ease, relieve Syn:mitigate, alleviate, ease, apease, mollify
Astringent Harsh, severe, stern Syn:Sharp, biter, caustic
Asylum Refuge, sanctuary Syn:haven, shelter
Atrocious Monstrous, shockingly bad, wicked Syn:horrible, appalling, deplorable, direful
Atrophy To waste away, wither from disease Syn:deteriorate, degenerate
Attenuate To make thin or slender; weaken Syn:reduce, rarefy, diminish
Augury Prophecy, prediction of events Syn:omen, auspices, portent, harbinger, presage
August Dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable Syn:grand, majestic, admirable, awesome
Auspicious Having favorable prospects, promising Syn:encouraging, propitious, hopeful, positive
Austere Stern, strict, unadorned Syn:dour, bare, ascetic
Autocrat Dictator Syn:tyrant, authoritarian, despot, totalitarian
Autonomous Separate, independent Syn:sovereign, self-governed, free
Avarice Greed Syn:cupidity, rapacity
Aver To declare to be true, affirm Syn:assert, attest
Aviary Large enclosure housing birds Syn:birdhouse, zoo
Awry Crooked, askew, amiss Syn:aslant, wrong
Axiom Premise, postulate, self-evident truth Syn:adage, apothegm, aphorism, maxim, rule
Baleful Harmful, with evil intentions Syn:dark, sinister
Balk To refuse, shirk; prevent Syn:stop; check, thwart, frustrate
Banal Trite, overly common Syn:hackneyed, shopworn, inane
Bane Something causing death, destruction, or ruin Syn:curse, scourge, poison
Banter Playful conversation Syn:chatter, palaver, prattle
Bastion Fortification, stronghold Syn:bulwark, defense, haven
Bawdy Obscene, lewd Syn:vulgar, risque, rude, coarse
Bay (v.) To bark, especially in a deep, prolonged way Syn:howl, ululate, wail, keen
Behemoth Huge creature Syn:giant, titan, monster
Belabor To insist repeatedly or harp on Syn:dwell upon, harp upon
Bellicose Warlike, aggressive Syn:belligerent, aggressive, combative, pugnacious
Belligerent Hostile, tending to fight Syn:bellicose, aggressive, combative, pugnacious
Benighted Unenlightened Syn:ignorant, unschooled, illiterate
Best (v.) To get the better of, beat Syn:defeat, trounce, vanquish, rout, worst
Bevy Group Syn:band, gang, bunch, pack, troop
Bilk To cheat, defraud Syn:swindle, dupe, fleece
Bipedal Two-footed Syn:upright, two-legged
Blandish To coax with flattery Syn:cajole, charm, seduce, wheedle
Blasphemous Cursing, profane, irreverent Syn:sacrilegious, impious
Blithe joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought Syn:glad, happy, carefree, insouciant
Boor Crude person, one lacking manners or taste Syn:lout, clod, oaf, vulgarian, yahoo
Bourgeois Middle-class Syn:capitalist, conventional
Bovine Cow-like, relating to cows Syn:sluggish, dull, stolid
Brazen Bold, shameless, impudent; of or like brass Syn:audacious, brash, contumelious, insolent
Breach Act of breaking, violation Syn:gap, lapse, rift, contravention, dereliction
Broach (v.) To mention or suggest for the first time Syn:raise, introduce, propose
Brusque Rough and abrupt in manner Syn:blunt, curt, gruff, rude, tactless
Bucolic Pastoral, rural Syn:rustic, country, agrarian
Burgeon To sprout or flourish Syn:blossom, thrive, expand, grow, proliferate
Burnish To polish, make smooth and bright Syn:shine, buff
Bustle Commotion, energetic activity Syn:flurry, ado, tumult
Buttress (v.) To reinforce or support Syn:bolster, brace, prop, strengthen
Cache Hiding place, stockpile Syn:hoard, reserve, store
Cacophony Jarring, unpleasant noise Syn:din, clatter, racket
Cajole To flatter, coax, persuade Syn:blandish, wheedle
Callow Immature, lacking sophistication Syn:ingenuous, naive, artless
Calumny False and malicious accusation, misrepresentation, slander Syn:libel, aspersion, defamation
Canny Smart, founded on common sense Syn:percipient, perspicacious, astute, shrewd
Canonize To declare a person a saint, raise to highest honors Syn:exult, elevate, ennoble, glorify
Capricious Impulsive, whimsical, without much thought Syn:erratic, fickle, flighty, inconstant, wayward
Caricature Exaggerated portrait, cartoon Syn:burlesque, travesty, lampoon
Carnivorous Meat-eating Syn:predatory, flesh-eating
Cartography Science or art of making maps Syn:charting, surveying, topography
Castigate To punish, chastise, criticize severely Syn:discipline, lambaste
Catalyst Something causing change without being change Syn:stimulus, instigation, provocation
Catharsis Purification, cleansing Syn:purgation, release
Catholic Universal, broad and comprehensive Syn:extensive, general
Celerity Speed, swiftness, alacrity Syn:dispatch, velocity, rapidity
Censure To criticize, find fault Syn:denounce, pillory, vilify, indict, condemn
Chagrin Shame, embarrassment, humiliation Syn:mortification, discomfiture
Champion (v.) To defend or support Syn:advocate, promote
Charlatan Quack, fake Syn:imposter, fraud, humbug
Chary Watchful, cautious, extremely shy Syn:wary, careful, sparing
Cherubic Sweet, innocent, resembling a cherub Syn:angelic, babyish
Chicanery Trickery, fraud, deception Syn:deceit, duplicity, dishonesty
Chide To scold, express disapproval Syn:chasten, chastise, admonish, reprimand, reprobe
Chimerical Fanciful, imaginary, visionary, impossible Syn:illusory, unreal
Choleric Easily angered, short-tempered Syn:irritable, surly, wrathful, irate
Chortle To chuckle Syn:laugh, snort
Churlish Marked by a lack of civility or graciousness Syn:boorish, cloddish, clodhopping, loutish, lowbred, rustic
Circumvent To go around, avoid Syn:evade, sidestep, dodge
Clairvoyant Having ESP, psychic Syn:Prophetic, oracular
Clandestine Secretive, concealed for a darker purpose Syn:covert, underground
Clod A chuck of earth or clay; a stupid person Syn:lump, nugget; dolt, oaf, dullard
Cloister (v.) To confine, seclude Syn:isolate, sequester
Cloying Sickly sweet, saccharine Syn:excessive, fulsome
Coddle To baby, treat indulgently Syn:pamper, spoil, cosset
Coerce To compel by force or intimidation Syn:domineer, constrain
Cogent Legally forceful, compelling, convincing Syn:persuasive, winning
Colloquial Characteristic of informal speech Syn:conversational, idiomatic, slangy
Collusion Collaboration, complicity, conspiracy Syn:intrigue, machination, connivance
Commute To change a penalty to a less severe one Syn:exchange, mitigate, palliate
Conjugal Pertaining to marriage Syn:connubial, matrimonial, spousal, marital
Connive To conspire, scheme Syn:collude, plot, contrive
Consecrate To declare sacred; dedicate to a goal Syn:Sanctify; devote
Consonant (adj.) Consistent with, in agreement with Syn:accordant, compatible, congruous
Consummate (adj.) Accomplished, complete, perfect Syn:thorough, exhaustive, ideal, flawless
Contemptuous Scornful Syn:derisive, disdainful, supercilious
Contentious Quarrelsome, disagreeable, belligerent Syn:argumentative, fractious, quarrelsome, litigious
Contrite Deeply sorrowful and repentant for a wrong Syn:regretful, apologetic, remorseful
Contumacious Stubbornly disobedient Syn:insubordinate, factious, insurgent, mutinous, rebellious, seditious
Contumelious Insolently abusive and humiliating Syn:impertinent, impudent, procacious, saucy
Convoluted Twisted, complicated, involved Syn:intricate, elaborate, baroque
Copious Abundant, plentiful Syn:ample, abounding
Corporeal Having to do with the body; tangible material Syn:somatic; concrete, physical
Corpulence Obesity, fatness, bulkiness Syn:stoutness, rotundity, portliness, plumpness
Coterie Small group of person with a similar purpose Syn:circle, clique, set
Countenance (v.) To favor, support Syn:condone, approve, tolerate
Cryptic Puzzling Syn:mysterious, recondite, inscrutable, enigmatic
Cudgel A short, heavy club Syn:baton, bill club, bludgeon, club, mace, nightstick, shilleagh
Cupidity Greed Syn:avarice, rapacity, covetousness
Curmudgeon Cranky Person Syn:grouch, crap, coot
Cursory Hastily done, superficial Syn:shallow, careless
Daunt To discourage, intimidate Syn:demoralize, dishearten, consternate
Dearth Lack, scarcity, insufficiency Syn:absence, shortage, paucity
Deferential Respectful and polite in a submissive way Syn:courteous, obsequious
Defunct No longer existing, dead, extinct Syn:gone, vanished, deceased, departed, extinguished
Delegate (v.) To give powers to another Syn:assign, entrust, commit, appoint, authorize
Deleterious Harmful, often in a subtle or unexpected way Syn:pernicious, harmful, detrimental, nocent, nocuous
Demagogue Leader, rabble-rouser, usually using appeals to emotion or prejudice Syn:agitator, inciter, instigator, fomenter, firebrand
Demur To express doubts of objections Syn:Protest, remonstrate, kick, expostulate, dissent
Denigrate To slur or black someone's reputation Syn:malign, belittle, disparage, vilify, slander
Depravity Sinfulness, moral corruption Syn:decadence, debauchery, enormity corruption, degradation
Deprecate To belittle, disparage Syn:minimize, denigrate, discount
Despot Tyrannical ruler Syn:authoritarian, autocrat, dictator, totalitarian
Diaphanous Allowing light to show through; delicate Syn:sheer, transparent, gauzy, translucent; tenuous
Diatribe Bitter verbal attack Syn:tirade, jeremiad, fulmination, harangue, philippic
Dichotomy Division into two parts Syn:split, distinction, bifurcation, opposition
Dictum Authoritative statement; popular saying Syn:decree, edict; adage, apothegm, aphorism
Didactic Excessively instructive Syn:educational, improving, moralistic
Diffidence Shyness, lack of confidence Syn:timidity, reticence
Digress To turn aside, to stray from the main point Syn:diverge, deviate, wander
Dilapidated In disrepair, run-down, neglected Syn:decrepit, ramshackle, deteriorated, decayed
Dilatory Slow, tending to decay Syn:sluggish, tardy, unhurried
Dirge Funeral hymn Syn:elegy, threnody, lament
Discrepancy Difference between Syn:contradiction, divergence, incongruity, disparity, incompatibility
Discursive Moving from topic to topic without order Syn:digressive, rambling, unfocused
Disdain To regard with scorn and contempt Syn:spurn, slight
Disheveled Untidy, disarranged, unkempt Syn:disordered, messy, rumpled
Disinterested Fair-minded, unbiased Syn:impartial, evenhanded, unprejudiced, dispassionate
Disparage To belittle, speak disrespectfully of Syn:denigrate, derogate, ridicule, deride
Disparity Contrast, dissimilarity Syn:discrepancy, contradiction, divergence, incongruity, incompatibility
Dispassionate Free from emotion; impartial, unbiased Syn:impassive, stolid; disinterested, evenhanded, unprejudiced
Dispel To drive out of scatter Syn:disband, disperse
Disperse To break up, scatter Syn:disband, disperse
Disrepute Disgrace, dishonor Syn:ignominy, infamy
Dissemble To pretend, disguise one's motives Syn:feign, conceal, cloak, camouflage
Disseminate To spread far and wide Syn:circulate, diffuse, disperse
Dissipate To scatter; to pursue pleasure to excess Syn:squander, disperse, consume, dissolve; carouse
Dissonant Harsh and unpleasant sounding Syn:discordant, inharmonious
Dissuade To persuade some to alter original intentions Syn:discourage, deter
Diurnal Daily Syn:daylight, daytime
Dogged Stubbornly persevering Syn:tenacious, obstinate, pertinacious, determines, obstinate
Doleful Sad, mournful Syn:funeral, somber, lugubrious, dismal, woeful
Dour Sullen and gloomy, stern and severe Syn:austere, strict, grave, solemn, somber
Dogmatic Rapidly fixed in opinion, opinionated Syn:inflexible, dictatorial, doctrinaire, authoritative, obstinate
Dowry Money or property given by a bride to her husband Syn:dower, hope chest
Draw Pull, drag, attract Syn:haul, tow, tug, lure, entice
Droll Amusing in a wry, subtle way Syn:witty, comic, funny, entertaining, risible
Dulcet Pleasant sounding, soothing to the ear Syn:melodious, agreeable, sweet, harmonious
Dupe (v.) To deceive or trick; (n.) fool, pawn Syn:(v.) hoodwink, cozen, beguile, gull
Duplicity Deception, dishonesty Syn:perfidy, infidelity, disloyalty, treachery, guile
Dyspeptic Suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable Syn:morose, solemn, melancholy, treachery, guile
Ebb To fade away, recede Syn:retreat, subside, wane, abate, withdraw
Eclectic Selecting from various sources Syn:catholic, selective, broad
Effrontery Impudent boldness, audacity Syn:presumption, brashness, temerity, nerve, gall
Egregious Conspicuously bad Syn:blatant, flagrant, glaring, gross, rank
Elegy Mournful poem, usually about the dead Syn:dirge, lament, threnody
Emancipate To set free, liberate Syn:deliver, manumit, release
Embroil To involve in; cause to fall into disorder Syn:implicate, ensnare; entangle
Encomium Enthusiastic praise Syn:eulogy, panegyric, tribute
Enervate To weaken, sap strength from Syn:deplete, debilitate, drain, exhaust
Engender To produce, cause, bring about Syn:procreate, propagate, originate, generate
Enigmatic Puzzling, inexplicable Syn:mysterious, cryptic, baffling
Enjoin To urge, order, command; forbid or prohibit, as by judicial order Syn:direct, instruct, charge; prohibit, proscribe
Enmity Hostility, antagonism, ill will Syn:animosity, antipathy, rancor, animus
Ennui Boredom, lack of interest and energy Syn:tedium, listlessness, world-weariness
Enormity State of being gigantic or terrible Syn:outrageousness, atrociousness
Ephemeral Momentary, transient, fleeting Syn:transitory, fugitive, evanescent
Epicure Person with refined taste in food and wine Syn:gourmet, gourmand, connoisseur, gastronome
Epigram Short, witty saying or poem Syn:maxim, adage, aphorism
Epilogue Concluding section of literary work Syn:afterward, finale
Epitome Representative of an entire group; summary Syn:paragon, exemplar, prototype, quintessence; abstract
Equine Relating to horses Syn:horsy, asinine, mulish
Equivocal Ambiguous, open to more than one interpretation Syn:doubtful, misleading, uncertain
Equivocate To use vague or ambiguous language intentionally Syn:mislead, prevaricate
Erratic Inconsistent, irregular Syn:eccentric, capricious, unstable, unpredictable
Erudite Learned, scholarly Syn:knowledgeable, cultured, educated, well-read, literate
Esoteric Understood by only a learned few Syn:mysterious, arcane, occult, recondite, secret
Espouse To support or advocate; to marry Syn:champion, embrace, adopt
Estrange To alienate; keep at a distance Syn:disaffect, separate, divorce
Ethereal Not earthly, spiritual, delicate Syn:intangible, diaphanous, airy, gossamer, sheer
Etiolate To bleach or alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight Syn:blanch, decolorize
Eulogy High praise, often in a public speech Syn:tribute, commendation, encomium, panegyric, salute
Evanescent Momentary, transitory, short-lived Syn:transient, ephemeral, fleeting, fugitive
Exacerbate To aggravate, deepen the bad qualities of Syn:worsen, escalate, intensify
Excruciating Agonizing, intensely painful Syn:tortuous, acute, fierce
Exculpate To clear blame or fault, vindicate Syn:exonerate, acquit
Exigent Urget; excessively demanding Syn:pressing, imperative, compelling, critical, crucial
Exorbitant Extravagant, greater than reasonable Syn:excessive, immoderate, inordinate, extreme
Expiate To atone for, make amends for Syn:answer, compensate, pay
Expunge To erase, eliminate completely Syn:delete, cancel, efface, annul, obliterate
Expurgate To censor Syn:cut, bowdlerize, sanitize
Extort To obtain something by threats Syn:wring, coerce, blackmail, bludgeon, bully
Extraneous Irrelevant, unrelated, unnecessary Syn:immaterial, impertinent, extrinsic, foreign, alien
Extricate To free from, disentangle Syn:disengage, untangle, release, disencumber
Facade Face, front; mask, superficial appearance Syn:surface; pretense, cloak, guise, semblance
Facile Easily done; simplistic; poised, assured Syn:effortless; simple; nimble, fluent
Fallow Uncultivated, unused Syn:unseeded, inactive, idle
Fanaticism Extreme devotion to a cause Syn:zeal, mania, obsession
Fastidious Careful with details Syn:meticulous, painstaking, scrupulous, punctilious, precise
Fathom (v.) To measure to depth of, gauge Syn:comprehend
Fatuous Stupid, foolishly self-satisfied Syn:silly, absurd, preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous
Fawn (v.) To flatter excessively, seek the favor of Syn:kowtow, grovel, truckle
Faze To bother, upset, or disconcert Syn:discomfit, rattle, chagrin
Feckless Ineffective, careless, irresponsible Syn:aimless, shiftless, lazy
Fecund Fertile, fruitful, productive Syn:prolific, flourishing
Fervid Passionate, intense, zealous Syn:vehement, argent, enthusiastic, avid, eager
Fetid Foul-smelling, putrid Syn:noisome, stinky, funky, malodorous, rank
Fetter To bind, chain, confine Syn:shackle, manacle, handcuff, curb, tether
Filigree Ornamental openwork of delicate or intricate design on mental Syn:ornament, embellishment, decoration, latticework
Flag (v.) To decline in vigor, strength, or interest Syn:wane, subside, ebb, dwindle, slacken
Flagrant Outrageous, shameless Syn:glaring, egregious, blatant, gross, rank
Flaunt To show off Syn:parade, flourish, vaunt, exhibit, display
Flora Plants Syn:vegetation, botany, verdure, herbage
Florid Gaudy, extremely ornate; ruddy, flushed Syn:orante, flamboyant, ostentatious, loud, garish
Flounder To falter, waver, muddle, struggle Syn:blunder, stumble, mumble, lurch, lumber
Fluvial Of, relating to, or living in a stream or river flowing, alluvial
Foible Minor weakness or character flaw Syn:fault, failing, frailty, vice, blemish
Foil (v.) To defeat, frustrate Syn:thwart, balk, check, baffle
Foment To arouse or incite Syn:instigate, abet, promote
Foolhardy Recklessly bold Syn:reckless, rash, precipitate, temerarious
Fop A man who is devoted to or vain about his appearance or dress Syn:coxcomb, dandy
Forbearance Patience, restraint, leniency Syn:resignation, long-suffering, tolerance
Ford (v.) To cross a body of water at a shallow place Syn:traverse, wade
Forte Strong point, something a person does well Syn:metier, specialty
Fortuitous Happening by chance, fortunate Syn:accidental, contingent, incidental
Foster To nourish, cultivate, promote Syn:nurture, nurse, advance, further
Founder (v.) To fall helplessly, sink Syn:miscarry, immerse, plunge
Fracas Noisy dispute Syn:brawl, broil, donnybrook, fray, melee
Fractious Unruly, rebellious Syn:peevish, cranky, quarrelsome, contentious
Frenetic Wildly frantic, frenzied, hectic Syn:active, excited, bustling, feverish
Gall (n.) Bitterness; careless nerve; (v.) to exasperate and irritate Syn:rancor; temerity, audacity, effrontery
Garner To gather and store Syn:reap, glean, harvest, amass, acquire
Garrulous Very talkative Syn:loquacious, voluble, verbose, chatty, prolix
Glib Fluent in an insincere manner; offhand, casual Syn:superficial; easy
Glower To glare, stare angrily and intensely Syn:frown, lower, scowl
Grandiloquence Pompous talk, fancy but meaningless speech Syn:bombast, fustian, prolixity, verbiage
Grimace Facial expression showing pain or disgust Syn:scowl, leer, glare
Grotto Small cave Syn:cavern, recess, burrow, den, pocket
Grovel To humble oneself in a demeaning way Syn:cringe, fawn, kowtow
Guile Trickery, deception Syn:cunning, artifice, wiliness, duplicity
Hackneyed Worn out by overuse Syn:trite, shopworn, stale, banal
Hallowed Holy, treated as sacred Syn:sanctified, consecrated, venerated, sacrosanct, blessed
Hapless Unfortunate, having bad luck Syn:ill-fated, ill-starred, luckless, unlucky, jinxed
Harbinger Precursor, sign of something to come Syn:forerunner, presage, omen, herald
Hardy Robust, vigorous, sturdy Syn:healthy, hale, fit, strong, courageous
Haughty Arrogant and condescending Syn:proud, disdainful, supercilious, scornful, vainglorious
Hedonist One who pursues pleasure as a goal Syn:sensualist, voluptuary, libertine
Hegemony Leadership, domination, usually by a country Syn:influence, power, sway, rule
Heinous Shocking, wicked, terrible Syn:reprehensible, abominable, monstrous, appalling, dreadful
Hemorrhage (v.) To bleed heavily; (n.) heavy bleeding Syn:seep, discharge, gush
Heretical Opposed to an established religious orthodoxy Syn:heterodox, schismatic, dissident
Hermetic Tightly sealed Syn:airtight, watertight, impervious
Hiatus Break, interruption, vacation Syn:gap, interruption, recess, interval, pause
Hoary Very old; whitish or gray from age Syn:antediluvian, antique, vintage, ancient, venerable
Homage Public honor and respect Syn:acclaim, kudos, panegyric, tribute, encomium
Homily Sermon-like speech Syn:lecture, admonition, oration
Husband (v.) To farm; manage carefully and thriftily Syn:conserve, economize
Hyperbole Purposeful exaggeration for effect Syn:inflation, magnification, embellishment
Iconoclast One who attacks traditional beliefs Syn:rebel, dissident, nonconformist
Ignominous Disgraceful and dishonorable Syn:despicable, degrading, debasing
Ilk Type or kind Syn:dort, nature, character, variety, class
Illicit Ilegal, improper Syn:unlawful, criminal, prohibited, forbidden
Immune Exempt; protected from harm or disease; unresponsive to Syn:impervious, shielded
Immutable Unchangeable, invariable Syn:fixed, stationary, permanent, steady
Impassive Showing no emotion Syn:expressionless, stolid, cold, indifferent, placid
Impecunious Poor, having no money Syn:indigent, need, penniless, impoverished, destitute
Imperious Arrogantly self-assured, domineering, overbearing Syn:dictatorial, authoritarian, despotic
Impertinent Rude Syn:improper, forward, bold, impolite, discourteous
Impervious Impossible to penetrate, incapable of being affected Syn:immune, callous
Impious Not devout of religion Syn:irreverent, profane, immoral
Implacable Inflexible, incapable of being pleased Syn:obstinate, unyielding
Importune To ask repeatedly, bed Syn:crave, beseech, entrat, implore, supplicate
Impoverish To make poor or bankrupt Syn:beggar, ruin, pauperize, deplete, drain
Imprecation Curse Syn:execration, anathema, secure, inviolable, invulnerable
Impudent Arrogant, audacious Syn:shameless, insolent, impertinent, brazen
Impugn To call into question, attack verbally Syn:challenge, dispute, gainsay
Impute To attribute Syn:ascribe, credit, assign, refer, charge
Inadvertent Unintentional Syn:accidental, involuntary
Incense (v.) To infuriate, enrage Syn:madden, exasperate, outrage
Inchoate Imperfectly formed or formulated Syn:incipient, undeveloped, undefined
Incipient Beginning to exist or appear, in an initial stage Syn:dawning, nascent, inchoate
Incontrovertible Unquestionable, beyond dispute Syn:irrefutable, indisputable
Incorrigible Incapable of being corrected Syn:uncooperative, unchanged, unrepentant, intractable, unmanageable
Incredulous Skeptical, doubtful Syn:disbelieving, suspicious
Inculcate To teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions Syn:instill, instruct, educate
Inculpate To incriminate Syn:charge, impeach, indict
Indelible Permanent, not erasable Syn: ineffaceable, inexpugnable, permanent
Indigenous Native, occurring naturally in an area Syn:intrinsic, innate, endemic, autochthonous, aboriginal
Indignent Very poor Syn:needy, impecunious, impoverished, destitute, penniless
Indolent Habitually lazy, idle Syn:slothful, languid, lethargic, sluggish, faineant
Inexorable Inflexible, unyielding Syn:adamant, obdurate, relentless
Ingenious Straightforward, open, naive Syn:simple, natural, unaffected, artless, candid, unsophisticated
Inimical Hostile, unfriendly Syn:injurious, harmful, adverse, antagonistic
Iniquity Sin, evil act Syn:immorality, injustice, wickedness, vice, enormity
Insensate Lacking sensation, unconscious Syn:inanimate, unfeeling, numb
Insinuate To suggest, say indirectly, imply Syn:To hing, intimiate
Insipid Bland, lacking flavor, lacking excitement Syn:lackluster, dull, flat, weak
Insolent Insulting and arrogant Syn:audacious, rude, presumptuous, impertinent, audacious
Insperable Insurmountable, unconquerable Syn:unbeatable, undefeatable, invincible
Inter To bury Syn:entomb, inhume
Interrogate To question formally Syn:examine, catechize
Intimation Clue, suggestion Syn:implication, allusions, insinuation
Intractable Not easily managed Syn:unruly, stubborn, refractory, recalcitrant, headstrong
Intransigent Uncompromising, refusing to be reconciled Syn:obdurate, obstinante, adamant, unbending, unyielding
Inundate To cover with water; overwhelm Syn:flood, swamp, deluge, engulf
Inure To harden; accustom, become used to Syn:habituate, familiarize, condition
Invective Verbal abuse Syn:vituperation, denunciation, revilement
Inveterate Confirmed, long-standing, deeply rooted Syn:habitual, chronic
Invidious Causing envy, obnoxious Syn:causing resentment, discriminatory, insulting, jaundiced
Itinerant Wandering from place to place Syn:nomadic, roving, traveling, vagabond, vagrant
Itinerary Route of a traveler's journey Syn:plan, record, guidebook
Jaded Tired by excess or overuse, slightly cynical Syn:wearied, jaundiced, sated, idiom, callous, blase
Jargon Nonsensical talk, specialized language Syn:dialect, cant, argot, idiom, slange
Jettison To cast off, throw cargo overboard Syn:discard, toss
Jingoism Belligerent support of one's country Syn:chauvinism, nationalism
Kinetic Relating to motion, characterized by movement Syn:mobile, active, dynamic
Knell Sound of funeral bell; omen of death or failure Syn:toll, chime, peal
Kudos Fame, glory, honor Syn:acclaim, praise, encomium, accolade, homage
Labyrinth Maze Syn:entanglement, mesh, web
Laceration Cut or wound Syn:gash, tear
Lachrymose Tearful Syn:weeping, teary
Lackadaisical Idle, lazy, apathetic, indifferent Syn:languorous, indolent, listless, blase, faineant
Laconic Using few words Syn:terse, concise, pithy, succinct
Lampoon To attack with satire, mock harshly Syn:burlesque, travesty, caricature
Languid Lacking energy, indifferent, slow Syn:weak, listless, lackadaisical, sluggish, faineant
Larynx Organ containing vocal cords Syn:voice box, Adam's apple
Lassitude Lethargy, sluggishness Syn:weariness, listlessness, torpor, stupor
Leviathan A biblical sea monster; something large and formidable Syn:behemoth; mammoth; something cyclopean, elephantine, or gargantuan
Libertine One without moral restraint Syn:hedonist, voluptuary, rogue, rake, roue
Licentious Immoral, unrestrained by society Syn:wanton, dissolute, salacious, lewd, prurient
Limpid Clear, transparent Syn:lucid, pellucid, serene
Lionize To treat as a celebrity Syn:regale, honor, feast, ply
Lissome Easily flexed, limber, agile Syn:supple, lithe, graceful
Listless Lacking energy and enthusiasm Syn:lethargic, sluggish, languid, faineant, indolent
Lithe Moving and bending with ease, graceful Syn:lissome, limber, agile, supple
Livid Discolored from a bruise; pale; reddened with anger Syn:black-and blue; ashen, pallid; furious
Loathe To abhor, despise, hate Syn:abominate, execrate, detest, contemn
Loquacious Talkative Syn:garrulous, verbose, voluble, prolix
Lugubrious Sorrowful, mournful, dismal Syn:gloomy, funeral, somber, melancholy, woeful
Macabre Ghoulish, gruesome Syn:ghastly, grim, grisly, lurid, morbid
Macerate To waste away or to become soft, esp. by being steeped Syn:soak, soften, deliquesce
Machination Plot or scheme Syn:conspiracy, intrigue, design, cabal
Maculate Marked with spots Syn:besmirched, impure
Maelstrom Whirlpool; turmoil, agitated state of mind Syn:eddy, vortex; pandemonium, uproar
Magnate Powerful or influential person Syn:potentate, tycoon, nabob, dignitary, luminary
Maladroit CLumsy, tactless Syn:awkward, inept, gauche, ungainly
Malediction Curse Execration, anathema, imprecation
Malefactor Evildoer; culprit Syn:criminal, offender, felon
Malinger To evade responsibility by pretending to be ill Syn:shirk, fake
Malodorous Foul-smelling Syn:fetid, noisome, stinky, funky, rank
Mandatory Necessary, required Syn:obligatory, compulsory, inevitable
Maritime Relating to the sea or sailing Syn:nautical, marine, naval
Martial Warlike, pertaining to the military Syn:soldierly, combative
Martinet Strict disciplinarian, one who rigidly follows rules Syn:tyrant, stickler, dictator
Maudlin Overly sentimental Syn:mawkish, bathetic, saccharine, weepy
Maverick Nonconformist Syn:dissident, rebel
Mawkish Sickeningly sentimental Syn:maudlin, insipid, bathetic, sacharine, weepy
Meander To wander aimlessly Syn:ramble, roam, rove, range, stray
Melancholy Sadness, depression Syn:dejection, despondency, woe, sorrow
Mendacious Dishonest lying, untruthful Syn:deceitful, false
Mendicant Beggar Syn:Pauper, panhandler
Mercenary (n.) Soldier for hire in foreign countries; (adj.) motivated only for greed Syn:hireling; venal, materialistic, whimsical
Mercurial Quick, shrewd; unpredictable Syn:clever, crafty; volatile, whimsical
Meretricious Gaudy, falsely attractive Syn:flashy, loud, tawdry, insincere, specious
Metaphor Figure of speech comparing two different things Syn:analogy, symbol, allegory, simile
Meticulous Extremely careful, fastidious, fussy Syn:scrupulous, punctilious, precise, finicky, painstaking
Mettle Courageousness; endurance Syn:spirit, character; fortitude
Militate To operate against, work against Syn:influence, affect, change
Mimic To imitate or copy Syn:ape, simulate, impersonate
Misnomer An incorrect name or designation Syn:error, misapplication, deception
Missive Note or letter Syn:bulletin, dispatch, epistle, memorandum, message
Molt (v.) to shed hair, skin, or an outer layer periodically Syn:cast, defoliate, desquamate
Monastic Extremely plain or secluded, as in a monastery Syn:contemplative, disciplined, regimented, self-abnegating, austere
Moot Debatable; purely academic, deprived of practical significance Syn:arguable, open, inconclusive, doubtful
Mores Customs or manners Syn:usages, attitudes, ways, traditions, practices
Mundane Worldly; commonplace Syn:secular; ordinary
Munificent Generous Syn:liberal, bountiful
Mutability Changeability Syn:inconstancy, impermanence
Myopic Nearsighted Syn:shortsighted, sand-blind
Myriad Immense number, multitude Syn:crowd, army, legion, mass
Nadir Lowest point Syn:bottom, depth, pit
Naive Innocent, lacking in a worldly experience Syn:ingenious, unsophisticated, artless, credulous
Narcissist Someone who is completely self-absorbed Syn:egotist, egomaniac
Nascent Starting to develop, coming into existence Syn:emerging, incipient, inchoate, embryonic
Nebulous Vague, cloudy Syn:misty, hazy, fuzzy, undefined, unclear
Nefarious Vicious, evil Syn:wicked, fiendish, malevolent, sinister
Neophyte Novice, beginner Syn:apprentice, tyro, greenhorn
Nettle (v.) To irritate Syn:vex, annoy
Niche Recess in a wall; best position for something Syn:alcove, cranny, crevice; place, station
Noisome Stinking, putrid Syn:foul, disgusting, malodorous
Nomadic Moving from place to place Syn:itinerant vagabond, roving
Nonchalant Appearing casual, detached, cool Syn:composed, unruffled, cavalier, blase
Nostrum A questionable remedy or scheme Syn:panacea, catholicon, cure-all
Nugatory Of slight worth, trivial, insignificant Syn:unimportant, impotent, null
Obdurate Stubborn Syn:inflexible, inexorable, adamant, impenitent, intractable
Obeisance A movement of the body made in token of respect or submission; deference Syn:bow, curtsy; homage, reverence
Obfuscate To confuse, obscure Syn:cloud, complicate, darken
Obsequious Overly submissive, brown-nosing Syn:fawning, servile, compliant, groveling, unctuous
Obsolete No longer in use Syn:outmoded, passe, old-fashioned, antiquated, dated
Obstinate Stubborn Syn:headstrong, stiff-necked, bullheaded, pigheaded, mullish
Obtuse Insensitive, stupid, dull Syn:slow, dense, blunt
Obviate To make unnecessary, anticipate and prevent Syn:preclude, avert, forestall, deter
Occlude To shut, block Syn:close, obstruct
Officious Overly helpful, meddlesome Syn:eager, unwanted, intrusive
Opulence Wealth Syn:affluence, abundance, prosperity, luxury, plenty
Oracle Person who foresees the future and gives advice Syn:seer, prophet, soothsayer, sibyl, fortune-teller
Oration Lecture, formal speech Syn:discourse, declamation, sermon, address, homily
Ornithologist Scientist who studies birds Syn:birder, bird-watcher
Oscillate To move back and forth Syn:swing, sway, fluctuate, vacillate, undulate
Ossify To turn to bone; to become rigid Syn:harden, set
Ostensible Apparent Syn:represented, supposed, surface
Ostentatious Showy Syn:pretentious, flamboyant, gaudy, ornate, fulsome
Palliate To make less serious, ease Syn:extenuate, mitigate, alleviate, assuage
Panacea Cure-all elixer, miracle Syn:drug, sovereign remedy
Panache Flamboyance, verve Syn:dash, flair
Panegyric Elaborate praise, formal hymn of praise Syn:eulogy, compliment, laudation, encomium, homage
Paradigm Ideal example, model Syn:pattern, exemplar
Paragon Model of excellence or perfection Syn:ideal, nonpareil, paradigm, example
Paramount Supreme, dominant, primary Syn:chief, commanding, primary
Pariah Outcast Syn:untouchable, leper, reject
Parochial Of limited scope or outlook, provincial Syn:narrow, restricted, insular
Parody Humorous imitation Syn:caricature, burlesque, travesty, lampoon, satire
Parry To ward off or deflect Syn:evade, avoid, repel, repulse
Parsimony Stinginess Syn:frugality, economy, meanness, miserless
Patent (adj.) Commonplace Syn:undistinguished, ordinary, dull, mediocre, lackluster
Patrician Aristocrat Syn:noble, peer, blue-blood, nabob
Peccadillo Minor sin or offense Syn:fault, failing, lapse, misstep
Pedant Uninspired, boring Syn:academic scholar, schoolmaster, pedagogue
Pedestrian (adj.) Commonplace Syn:undistinguished, ordinary, dull, mediocre, lackluster
Pejorative Having bad connotations, disparaging Syn:belittling, dismissive, insulting
Penance Voluntary suffering to repent for a wrong Syn:atonement, reparation, chastening, reconciliation
Penchant Inclination Syn:prediction, bias, learning, partiality, proclivity
Penitent Expressing sorrow for sings or offenses, repentant Syn:remorseful, contrite, apologetic
Penury Extreme poverty Syn:destitution, beggary, need, privation, want
Perfidious Faithless, disloyal, untrustworthy Syn:treacherous, devious, deceitful
Perfunctory Done in a routing way; indifferent Syn:halfhearted, tepid, careless
Peripatetic Moving from place to place Syn:itinerant, nomadic, vagabond
Perspicacious Shrewd, astute, keen-witted Syn:sagacious, insightful, intelligent
Petulance Rudeness, peevishness Syn:irritability, querulousness, testiness, fretfulness
Phalanx Massed group of soldiers, people, or things Syn:body, infantry
Philistine Narrow-minded person, someone lacking appreciation for art or culture Syn:boor, barbarian, vulgarian, bourgeois
Phlegmatic Calm in temperament, sluggish Syn:unemotional, placid
Phobia Exaggerated, illogical fear Syn:dislike, aversion
Pinnacle Peak, highest point of development Syn:summit, acme, apex, zenith, climax
Pious Dedicated, devout, extremely religious Syn:observant, reverent, sanctimonious
Pique (n.) Fleeting feeling of hurt pride Syn:vexation, resentment, indignation, dudgeon, umbrage
Pithy Profound, substantial; concise, succinct, to the point Syn:brief, compact, terse, laconic
Placate To soothe, pacify Syn:mollify, conciliate, appease
Placid Calm Syn:tranquil, serene, peaceful, complacent
Plaintive Sad, lamenting Syn:mournful, melancholy
Platitude Stale, overused expression Syn:cliche, bromide, commonplace, truism
Plebeian Crude, vulgar, low-class Syn:unrefined, coarse, common
Plethora Excess, overabundance Syn:superfluity, surplus, glut, surfeit
Poignant Emotionally moving Syn:stirring, touching, pathetic, affecting, piquant
Polemic Controversy, argument; verbal attack Syn:refutation, denunciation
Politic Discreet, tactful Syn:prudent, artful, diplomatic, judicious, cunning
Polymath A person of encyclopedic learning Syn:savant, litterateur
Portent Omen Syn:augury, harbinger, herald, token, prodigy
Posterity Future generations; all of a person's descendants Syn:progeny, offspring, line, lineage, heritage
Potable Drinkable Syn:harmless, nonpoisonous, comestible
Potentate Monarch or ruler with great power Syn:leader, emperor, king, prince, czar
Pragmatic Practical, moved by facts rather than abstract ideals Syn:prudent, wise, sensible, expedient, politic
Prattle (n.) Meaningless, foolish talk Syn:chatter, babble, gibberish, drivel, blather
Precarious Uncertain Syn:insecure, unstable, hazardous, perilous
Precipitate (adj.) Sudden and unexpected Syn:abrupt, impetuous, headlong, reckless, rash
Precocious Unusually advanced at an early age Syn:premature, developed
Precursor Unusually advanced at an early age Syn:herald, vanguard
Predator One that preys on others, destroyer, plunderer Syn:carnivore, pillager, attacker
Preposterous Absurd, illogical Syn:ridiculous, ludicrous, nonsensical, outlandish, incredible
Presage To foretell, indicate in advance Syn:portend, forewarn, auger, divine, bode
Prescient Having foresight Syn:premonitory, augural, divinatory, mantic, oracular
Prevaricate To lie, evade the truth Syn:equivocate, fib, palter, hedge, fabricate
Primeval Ancient, primitive Syn:primordial, original, archaic, antediluvian
Primordial Original, existing from the beginning Syn:primeval, ancient, primitive, archaic, antediluvian
Pristine Untouched, uncorrupted Syn:pure, clean
Privation Lack of usual necessities or comforts Syn:forfeiture, loss, deprivation, poverty
Prodigal (adj.) Wasteful, extravagant, lavish Syn:riotous, luxurious, improvident, thriftless, profligate
Proficient Expert, skilled in a certain subject Syn:adept, skillful, deft, experienced, accomplished
Profligate Corrupt, degenerate Syn:dissolute, wasteful, extravagant, improvident, prodigal
Progenitor Originator, forefather, ancestor in a direct line Syn:forebear, precursor, founder, predecessor
Progeny Offspring, children Syn:heirs, issue, descendants, posterity
Prolix Marked by or using an excess of words Syn:verbose, loquacious, garrulous
Propitious Favorable, advantageous Syn:auspicious, benign, conducive
Prosaic Relating to prose; dull, commonplace Syn:matter-of-fact, straightforward, unimaginative, pedestrian
Proscribe To condemn; to forbid, outlaw Syn:denounce, prohibit, ban, banish, interdict
Proselytize To convert to a particular belief or religion Syn:missionize, preach, sway, move, convince
Prurient Lustful, exhibiting lewd desires Syn:lascivious, lecherous, licentious, salacious, wanton
Pseudonym Fictitious or borrowed name Syn:alias, sobriquet, pen, name, nom ge guerre
Puerile Childish, immature, silly Syn:juvenile, infantile, jejune
Pulchritude Beauty Syn:loveliness, prettiness, handsomeness, comeliness, gorgeousness
Purloin To steal Syn:filch, pilfer, embezzle, misappropriate, pirate
Quagmire Marsh; difficult situation Syn:swamp, bog, fen, mire, morass
Quandary Dilemma, difficulty Syn:predicament, plight, jam, fix
Quarantine Isolate to prevent spread of disease Syn:sequester, ostracize
Quell To crush or subdue Syn:suppress pacify, quiet, quash, stifle
Querulous Inclined to complain, irritable Syn:peevish, whiny, sniveling, puling
Quibble To argue about insignificant and irrelevant details Syn:carp, cavil, nitpick, pettifog
Quixotic Overly idealistic, impractical Syn:romantic, unrealistic, capricious, impulsive
Quotidian Occurring daily, commonplace Syn:everyday, normal, usual
Raconteur Witty, skillful storyteller Syn:anecdotalist, monologist
Ramshackle Likely to collapse Syn:rickety, dilapidated, decrepit
Rant To harangue, rave, forcefully scold Syn:fulminate, thunder, yell, inveigh
Rarefy To make thinner, purer, or more refined Syn:attenuate, prune
Ravenous Extremely hungry Syn:voracious, gluttonous, rapacious, predatory, famished
Ravine Deep, narrow gorge Syn:gully, canyon, gulch, arroyo
Raze To tear down, demolish Syn:level, ruin, destroy, wreck, annihilate
Reactionary Marked by extreme conversation Syn:ultraconservative, right-wing, orthodox, anti-progress
Rebut To refute by evidence or argument Syn:counter, retort, disprove, confute, contradict
Recalcitrant Resisting authority or control Syn:stubborn, defiant, unruly, headstrong, willful
Recant To retract a statement or opinion Syn:disavow, disclaim, disown, renounce, repudiate
Redolent Exuding fragrance; evocative Syn:ambrosial, aromatic, balmy, fragrant; reminiscent
Redundancy Unnecessary repetition Syn:duplication, superfluity, tautology, pleonasm, wordiness
Refractory Resisting control or authority, stubborn Syn:bullheaded, headstrong, intractable, mulish, obdurate, unyielding
Regimen Government rule; systematic plan Syn:control, procedure, system, course
Remuneration Pay or reward for work, trouble, etc. Syn:recompense, reimbursement, settlement, requital, redress
Renegade Traitor, person abandoning a cause Syn:deserter, rebel, apostate, turncoat, defector
Renege To go back on one's word Syn:break, violate
Repose Relaxation, leisure Syn:calmness, tranquility, rest, ease, idleness
Reprise Repetition, especially of a piece of music Syn:recurrence, return, resumption
Reprobate Morally unprincipled person Syn:sinner, knave, scoundrel, reprimand, chide, reproach
Respite Interval of relief Syn:rest, pause, intermission, recess, suspension
Restive Impatient, uneasy, restless Syn:anxious, agitated, fretful
Rhapsody Emotional literary or musical work Syn:dithyramb, impromptu, paean
Rhetoric Persuasive use of language Syn:eloquence, elocution, discourse
Ribald Humorous in a vulgar way Syn:lewd, coarse, indelicate, obscene, gross
Riddle (v.) To make many holes in; permeate Syn:perforate, honeycomb, prick, punch, pierce
Rife Widespread, prevalent, abundant Syn:numerous, prevailing
Rue To regret Syn:deplore, repent
Ruminate To contemplate, reflect upon Syn:ponder, meditate, deliberate, mull, muse
Rustic Rural Syn:bucolic, pastoral
Saccharine Excessively sweet or sentimental Syn:cloying, treacly, syrupy, maudlin, fulsome
Sagacious Shrewd Syn:astute, perspicacious, wise, judicious, sage
Sallow Sickly yellow in color Syn:ashen, green, pasty, peaked, wan
Salubrious Healthful Syn:curative, medicinal, tonic, therapeutic, bracing
Sanguine Ruddy; cheerfully optimistic Syn:rosy, rubicund; confident, positive, hopeful
Sardonic Cynical, scornfully mocking Syn:sarcastic, acerbic, caustic, satirical, snide
Satiate To satisfy Syn:sate, cloy, glut, gorge, surfeit
Saunter To amble, walk in a leisurely manner Syn:stroll, ramble
Scabbard Sheath for sword or dagger Syn:sheath, holster, hanger
Scale (v.) To climb to the top of Syn:ascend, mount
Scimitar A type of sword, a saber with a curved blade with the edge on the convex side Syn:convex side claymore, falchion, rapier, saber
Scoff To deride, ridicule Syn:mock, scorn, taunt, twit, flout
Score (v.) To make a notch or scratch Syn:furrow, scrape, groove, chase, rule
Secular Not specifically pertaining to religion Syn:worldly, lay, laic, temporal
Sedition Behavior promoting rebellion Syn:insurrection, conspiracy, intrigue, mutiny, subversion
Seminal Relating to the beginning or seeds of something Syn:original, creative, influential
Sententious Having a moralizing tone Syn:terse, pithy, aphoristic, pompous, moralistic
Sentient Aware, conscious, able to perceive Syn:thinking, feeling, intelligent
Sequester To remove or set apart, put into seclusion Syn:segregate, isolate, insulate, quarantine, cloister
Seraphic Angelic, pure, sublime Syn:heavenly, celestial
Serendipitous Obtained by luck rather than actively sought out Syn:lucky, providential, unplanned
Sinecure Well-paying job or office that requires little or no work Syn:inaction, title
Sinuous Winding; intricate, complex Syn:supple, lithe, devious, serpentine, curvilinear
Skulk To move in a stealthy or cautious manner, sneak Syn:lurk, shirk, hide, evade, prowl
Slough (v.) To discard or shed Syn:molt, cast
Slovenly Untidy, messy Syn:negligent, slipshod, sloppy, unkempt
Smelt (v.) To melt metal in order to refine it Syn:purify, extract
Sobriquet Nickname Syn:alias, pseudonym
Sodden Thoroughly soaked, saturated Syn:soggy, wet, drenched, steeped, waterlogged
Sojourn Visit, stay Syn:call, residency, stop, tenancy
Soliloquy Literary or dramatic speech by one character, not addressed to others Syn:monologue, solo
Soporific Sleepy or tending to cause sleep Syn:somnolent, narcotic, somniferous, drowsy
Spartan Auster, severe, grave, simple, bare Syn:disciplined, restrained, frugal, courageous, laconic
Spurious Lacking authenticity, counterfeit, false Syn:fraudulent, ersatz, fake, phony, mock
Staccato Marked by abrupt, clear-cut sounds Syn:short, disconnected
Steadfast Unwavering, loyal Syn:faithful, true, constant, fast, staunch
Stigma Mark of disgrace or inferiority Syn:stain, blot, brand, taint
Stint (v.) To be sparing or frugal Syn:conserve, scrimp, skimp
Stoic Indifferent to or unaffected by emotions Syn:impassive, stolid
Stolid Having or showing little emotion Syn:impassive, stoic
Strident Loud, harsh, unpleasantly noisy Syn:grating, shrill, discordant
Stymie To block or thwart Syn:stump, baffle, foil
Suave Smoothly gracious or polite; blandly ingratiating Syn:urbane, diplomatic, politic
Subjugate To conquer, subdue, enslave Syn:defeat, vanquish, enthrall, yoke
Subliminal Subconscious; imperceptible Syn:unconscious; unperceived
Subterfuge Trick or tactic used to avoid something Syn:stratagem, ruse
Subterranean Hidden, secret; underground Syn:concealed, covered; buried, sunken
Sullen Brooding, gloomy Syn:morose, sulky, somber, glum
Sully To soil, stain, tarnish, taint Syn:mar, defile, besmirch
Supercilious Arrogant, haughty, overbearing, condescending Syn:proud, disdainful, patronizing, contumelious
Supplicant One who asks humbly and earnestly Syn:petitioner, appellant, applicant, suitor, suppliant
Surreptitious Characterized by secrecy Syn:clandestine, stealthy, covert, furtive, underhanded
Sybarite Person devoted to pleasure and luxury Syn:voluptuary, stealthy, covert, furtive, underhanded
Sycophant Self-serving flatterer, yes-man Syn:toady, lickspittle, fawner, bootlicker
Syllabus Outline of a course Syn:summary, schedule
Symbiosis Cooperation, mutual Syn:helpfulness association, interdependence
Synopsis Plot summary Syn:outline, abstract, compendium, digest, epitome
Tacit Silently understood or implied Syn:implicit, unspoken
Taciturn Uncommunicative, not inclined to speak much Syn:reticent, reserved, secretive, uncommunicative, tightlipped
Tactile Relating to the sense of touch Syn:haptic, tangible, palpable
Taint To spoil or infect, to stain honor Syn:contaminate, befoul, poison, pollute, besmirch
Talon Claw of an animal, especially a bird of prey Syn:nail, claw
Tang Sharp of flavor or odor Syn:relish, savor, piquancy, bite
Tawdry Gaudy, cheap, showy Syn:flashy, garish, loud, meretricious
Temper (v.) To restrain, moderate Syn:qualify, allay, strengthen, muffle
Tenet Belief, doctrine Syn:principle, dogma, creed
Terse Concise, brief, free of extra words Syn:succinct, compact, compendious, pithy, laconic
Titan Person of colossal stature or achievement Syn:giant, colossus
Toady Flatterer, hanger-on, yes-man Syn:sycophant, bootlicker, fawner, lickspittle
Tome Book, usually large and academic Syn:volume, codex
Torpid Lethargic, unable to move, dormant Syn:benumbed, hibernating, apathetic, inactive, inert
Torrid Burning hot; passionate Syn:parched, scorching, sweltering, ardent
Tortuous Having many twists and turns; highly complex Syn:winding, circuitous, devious; involved
Tractable Obedient, yielding
Transitory Short-lived, existing only briefly Syn:transient, ephemeral, fleeting, fugitive, momentary
Trenchant Acute, sharp, incisive; forceful, effective Syn:mordant, biting, cutting, caustic
Truncheon A shattered spear or lance Syn:cudgel, bat, billy club, bludgeon, club, knobkerrie, mace, nightstick
Tryst Agreement between lovers to meet, rendezvous Syn:assignation, date, engagement, appointment
Turgid Swollen, bloated Syn:grandiloquent, bombastic, overwrought, orotund, distended
Turpitude Inherent vileness, foulness, depravity Syn:baseness, immorality, wickedness
Tyro Beginner, novice Syn:fledgling, neophyte, apprentice, greenhorn, tenderfoot
Ubiquitous Being everywhere simultaneously Syn:omnipresent, inescapable
Umbrage Offense, resentment Syn:dudgeon, pique, ire, asperity, rancor
Unctuous greasy, oily; smug and falsely earnest Syn:fuslome, oleaginous, smarmy, phony
Untoward Difficult to manage; unfavorable or unlucky Syn:fractious, intractable, recalcitrant; hapless, unfortunate, unseemly
Upbraid To scold sharply Syn:berate, tax, reproach, rebuke, chide
Usurp To seize by force Syn:arrogate, preempt, assume, appropriate
Usury Practice of lending money at exorbitant rates Syn:loan-sharking, interest
Uxorial Of, relating to, or characteristic of a wife Syn:wifely, spousal
Vacillate To waver, show indecision Syn:sway, oscillate, hesitate, falter, waffle
Vaunted Boasted about, bragged about Syn:acclaimed, celebrated
Verdant Green with vegetation; inexperienced Syn:grassy, leafy, wooded; naive, novice
Vicarious Surrogate; delegated imagined participation in another's experience Syn:secondhand, proxy, substituted
Vim Energy, enthusiasm Syn:vitality, vigor, animation, brio, esprit
Viscous Thick, syrupy, and sticky Syn:adhesive, viscid, gelatinous, gummy, ropy
Voracious Having a great appetite Syn:ravenous, greedy, gluttonous, rapacious, wolfish
Wag (n.) A humorous or droll person Syn:wit, joker, humorist, jester
Wan Sickly pale Syn:ashen, pallid, blanched, pasty, sickly
Wanton Undisciplined, unrestrained, reckless Syn:capricious, lewd, licentious
Wax (v.) To increase gradually, begin to be Syn:enlarge, expand, swell, become, grow
Welter A chaotic mass or jumble Syn:clutter, hodgepodge, mishmash
Whet To sharpen, stimulate Syn:hone, edge, strop, grind
Wizened Withered, shriveled, wrinkled Syn:wasted, atrophied, gnarled, mummified, desiccated
Xenophobia Fear or hatred of foreigners Syn:prejudice, bigotry, chauvinism
Yoke (v.) To join together Syn:pair, harness, bind, subjugate
Zenith Highest point, summit Syn:acme, apex, climax, crown, pinnacle
Zephyr Gentle breeze Syn:breath, puff, draft
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