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Conv 11/5/10

Conv E

You have got to believe me You require none in return bcs u give love anyone.
The love is ageless I think you might be right
All I can really sorry...They would have love u. I'm glad you r a part of my family You pulled off a great wedding.
I have to know what happened to u last night? That's s.t that I have never changed.
I do know that I'm seeing things more clearly today than anytime that I can remember like the way I feel about u. I've had pict on me since the day I took it. (Chup hinh cho ai)
Give me one more chance, I'll do better. Whatever it takes the wooing, the spooning, I'm all in. I promise u this when u wake up in the morning, I'll be there everytime.
I just recognize this song. Busy makes a day go by quick.
We can play after dinner. Burn off my stomach fat. We change flavor all the time.
I'm tired bcs I stayed up all night studying. The reason ur phone doesn't work is bcs u forgot to plug it in.
She has been saving up her $ to buy a new car. Pls hurry up, or we'll miss the bus.
I would not rule out that possibility. I forgot to pay my bill, so the water company shut off my water.
If u r free tomorrow afternoon, pls drop in for a visit. Look out! there's a car coming.
I will call u tomorrow afternoon My button has come off. Could u pls sew it on?
She was tired and dozed off at the week. The man beat me up and took away all my money.
The story leaked out and appeared in the next day's newspaper. Pls speak up! I can not hear u very well.
He drunk too much shots and passed out on the floor. Is that a true story or u made it up.
He lived on nothing but bread and water for three weeks. I told him to shave off his beard.
The effects of the medicine wore off and the pain returned. The painter lost his balance and fell off the proof.
Put on the kettle, Let's have a cup of tea. We're almost out of gas. Let's fill up the tank.
The teacher pointed out my mistakes. The picnic was called off bcs of the rain.
He carefully scraped off the old paint. We have used up all the sugar. Pls go buy some more.
U can count on him to be on time. I'm sick and tired of eating the same thing for lunch everyday.
I'm sick and tired of listening to him nag all the time. I eat that almost everyday. I'm going sick and tired of them.
She went out with Mark for 18 months before he asked her to marry him. If I though I could get away with it, i would not pay any tax at all.
The plane will take off at 8:30am; we can just take off somewhere. I have given up on them; they never do what they promise.
That song always takes me back to when I was at high school. The plane leaves tomorrow afternoon so we need to set off for the airport at 11a.m
With these tickets we can stop off in Paris. I'll stop off at the shops on my way home and get some wine. She can face up to the problem, I always believe her.
The drunk keeled over when trying to leave the pub. I'll drop the suitecase off them come meet u.
Work's getting on top of me; I need to get away from it. Although he loves her so much, he usually cheats on her with other girls.
Feel free to drop in for a cup of tea anytime. I'll drop by the post office and buy some stamps on my way home. he started shouting, so I hang up..(on him). Let me speak to Tom before u hang up.
I'm scared of him. When he drinks too much beer he turns into a crazy mad man. I was a hug which turn into a kiss. I saw u.
The group gets smaller as members move away or drop out. I was just looking after her. I gave her a hug because she was upset. That's all.
I caught you out myself Fred! I saw you with that other girl. Don't listen to him. It's not true. He's making it up. Jack didn't wat to admit that he had not done his h.w, so he made up a story about leaving it on the bus.
I know all about ur other lady. Your friend Martin told on u. Why did u tell on ur siter? She got in trouble from ur dad. Jack, I found out about you and that other girl. How could u do this to me? I didn't find out about the missing $ until the police wrote to me.
Hey, Kim, u didn't get back to me about the party. Are you and Lam coming? I was so busy, therefore I forgot to get back to him. A guy in my class that I'm crusing on. She has a crush on one of my brothers. Although he already has a girlfriend, he still has a crush on a girl at my school.
Well, actually, something came up. I don't think I can make the party. Some problems came up. The thought of how much work she had to do discouraged her.
Jack's such a little punk. He's so annoying. I wish he could just leave. I wonder when he's going to stop being a thorn in my side. I'm so sick of him. I'd neglected to give him the name of the hotel where we'd be staying.
His friend told him off for arriving nearly an hr late. I have run out of perfume.
I hope you can account for the $ u spent. I'd better leave early to allow for traffic jams.
What is he playing at, spending so much $? Since you left last month, the situation is getting better and things have calmed down.
Frank didn't feel up to the meeting. I know he still really likes u. Do not freak out about it.
I bump into John, I ignored him beause he cheated on me. Don't worry about a little like that. You two go back for yrs.
I enjoyed talking to Maria so much, but Helen butted in so many times. I had a long conversatin with John after lunch and I think I got through to him.
Let's get this experiement set up. R U Ok? She could not stop herself from nodding off, because the lesson was boring.
I fell behind with my car payments. I chopped the carrots up.
He was messing about with the computer. He had forgotten to plug it in. I'm not going to put up with your behavior anymore. Stop being stupid and start help me.
Settle down and listen to me. You need to boil this mixture for exactly 2 minutes. Fess up your share of the bill.
He asked me to hang out with him. The performance didn't turn out very well.
The gas canister blew up. I need to log on. All laright? Come on Bob! Sit up! She threw her dinner up.
I hung on for 20" but the bus didn't come. We are going to check out the new club.
Don't play with water. You will mess up. I picked up Spanish in 6 months. I got ird of the insects.
I don't want to miss anything, so I go over the list. I got away with stealing the cake. Medicines should always be kept away from children.
Working so much tires me out. We sorted out the problem. There is something we need to sort out. A few problems have poped up. She's really famous now. Her photograph pops up everywhere.
I sent it on to the whole department whatever he gave me, I sent them on to my sister. My mom wanted me to be able to stand up for (by ) myself.
I didn't get on with my brother very well at all. She told me to get on with my work. The taxi pulled up & we ot in. We need to get some coffee in. We're completely out.
We got on the bus at SJCC & went up to EVC. We have allways got on well. I'm tired because I stayed up all night working. I has been saving up my $ to buy a new car.
She can not ruled out arguement in her family. They will leak out on the magazine. He saved a few thousand off the budget for the year.
Nowadays, you need it skills if you want to get ahead. Well, one way to get ahead with E is to use more phrasle verbs.
I messed around sometimes, just like most kids. He's always messing me around. I tried calling her mobile phone, but I could not get through. The message didn't get through.
I messed around sometimes, just like most kids. But then I usually got down to work, inthe end. We had dinner & went on to a few bars. I went on to university, just like u.
It's an informal party so there is no need to dress up. I never take too much time on dress up because I think it's not nesscery. Why don't you come around next weekend.
The estate agent showed us around the house but we didn't like it much. I don't have enough time to settle in everything right now.
She moved on to another company where the salary was considerably better. I can't drink up because the beer are strong to me. I'm going to veg out in front of the TV.
I tried the jacket on before I bough it. You can dress down in a radio station. She dressed me down fo rbeing rude. I thnk this job is taking over my life. Since her husband left, she has taken over everything in the house.
She's taken to tennis like a duck to water. If you brun out throught working too hard. You won't be able to do your job properly anyway. I think I'm going down with s.t. She went down with a virus.
I left the tea for a minutes until it had cooled down enough to drink. Cold water will cool me down too. I;m feeling much better thanks! I think I;m getting over it all.
The womand managed to fight the muggers off & they didn't get her purse. I;m fighting off a cold. I've got some pain killers that should bring my temperature down.
I stood up too quickly & came over all dizzy/faint/peculiar. Why you don't come over & join in? She played the video so many time that she wore the tape out.
Don't use all the milk, we need some for breakfast. She made an offer to buy our home, & I promised to think it over.
It's always like to shop around before buying anything. You owe me $. When are you going to pay me back?
You promised to come to the party, so don't let me down. I absolutely trust him, but he lets me down
I told him to be quiet but he kept on making noise. I keep on thinking I have been seen her before some where. This's not a big problem, I think I can deal with it.
This is our first Christmas as family. I just fell sleep. The lid came off.
I don't have cash on me. It's sticky in the mustard. I don't want to put u in the danger.
I don't understand why should I stay away from the problem. We are both here with you. I'm glad to hear that. Nothing changes that. The kind of family you and I can have.
Can I pay by credit card? Enjoy your stay with us
Please connect me to .... in room.... Is the price including vegetable and drink?
Created by: Lamlu007