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English tits

pedestrian ordinary dull
bona fide in good faith
adventitious accidental nonessential
fecund fertile productive
deviate to turn aside from a course to stray
obfuscate to confuse to bewilder
impale to pierce with a sharp stake through a body
extenuate lesson seriousness by providing partial
parochial local narrow limited
glower to stare angrily
edify improve someone morally
ambiguous open to more than one interpenetration
cataclysm a violent change
optimum best, most favorable
importune to ask persistently
celibate abstaining from intercourse
fortuitous happening by chance or accident
recapitulate to summarize to repeat briefly
perfunctory done without care
baroque overly decorated
hedonism pursuit of pleasure especially of the senses
obloquy strong disapproval a bad reputation resulting
debacle a complete failure total collapse
quasi resembling seeming half
besmirch to make dirty to stain
imperative extremely necessary vitally important
sacrosanct extremely holy
sadistic deriving pleasure from inflicting pain
demeanor manner of conducting oneself
facetious comical jocular flippant
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