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2nd Kyu Brown Belt Exam

Japanese for "square stance"? shiko dachi
Japanese for "scooping block"? sukui uke
Japanese for "scissors punch"? hasami zuki
Japanese for "tigermouth strike"? koko uchi
Japanese for "front leg front kick"? mae ashi mae geri
Japanese for "front leg roundhouse kick"? mae ashi mawashi geri
Japanese for "front leg side kick"? mae ashi yoko geri
Japanese for "front leg hook kick"? mae ashi kagi geri
Japanese for "spinning back kick" gya ku ushiro geri
What are two types of meditation? active and passive
What does Sanchin involve? three battles of the mind, body & spirit
What involves the three battles of the mind, body, and spirit? Sanchin
What is hikite? the withdrawing hand
What is the withdrawing hand? hikite
Why is the hikite important? for speed and power
What does body dynamics refer to? using your body's muscles correctly
What is using your body's muscles correctly? body dynamics
What does body mechanics refer to? using your body's bones correctly
What is using your body's bones correctly? body mechanics
What are the three kata principles fast/slow, light/heavy, expansion/contraction
What are weapons? kobudo
Where did the kobudo come from the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International
What is the concept of zanchin? to remain concentrated
What is "to remain concentrated" in Japanese? zanchin
In the Zen Bei Botoku-Kai International, what section does our school represent? karate (Shorinji Ryu)
What are the five Martial Virtues of the Zan Bei Butoku-Kai International? respect, compassion, gratitude, integrity, and honor
Which martial art system is the best? none -- they all complement each other
What does "shomen ni rei" mean? bow to the front wall
What does "budo" refer to? The martial way
What does "sensei" actually mean "before life" -- someone who is ahead of you
What is "tamashi"? fighting spirit
What are blackbelts called? yudansha
What are underbelts called? mudansha
What is "bujitsu"? martial art
What does "aikido" mean? way of harmony
What does "Shotokan" translate as? hall of Funakoshi
What is "Goju Ryu" called? the hard/soft style of karate
What is "Tai Chi Chuan" considered? the grand ultimate fist
Japanese for "bow to the front wall"? shomen ni rei
Japanese for "martial way"? budo
Japanese for "before life"? sensei
Japanese for "fighting spirit"? Tamashi
What does "yudansha" mean? black belt
What does "mudansha" mean? under belt
Japanese for "martial art"? Bujitsu
Japanese for "way of harmony"? Aikido
Japanese for "hall of Funakoshi"? Shotokan
Japanese for "hard/soft style of karate"? Goju Ryu
Japanese for "grand ultimate fist"? Tai Chi Chuan
How is bleeding stopped? direct pressure
What is ice used for? swelling
What will stop a nosebleed? leaning the head forward
What should you do if someone has injured their neck or back? do not move the victim
When did O'Sensei Richard Kim move to the United States? 1959
Who were Gichen Funakoshi's teachers? Yatsatsune Itosu & Yatsatsune Azato
Who were Yatsatsune Itosu & Yatsatsune Azato? Gichen Funakoshi's teachers
When was the original Butoku-Kai founded? 780 & 806 AD
Who founded the original Butoku-Kai? Emperor Kanmu
What are the three main styles of karate in Okinawa? Shuri Te, Naha Te, and Tomari Te
Created by: lsiefert