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World: Africa

World Cultures: Africa Vocabulary

Drought A lack of water
Famine A lack of food
Animism A religion based on the worship of spirits (all things have a spirit in them)
Clan A group of families that have a common ancestry
Tribe A social group that shares a common culture; made up of many clans
Tribalism When one's tribe is the most important part of one's identity
Direct rule When a colonizer chooses one of its own people to rule a colony
Indirect rule When a colonizer chooses someone local to rule a colony for them
Divide and rule Creating divisions and conflict between groups within a colony in order to stay in control
Dehumanization Treating someone as less than human
Apartheid System of racial segregation in South Africa
Genocide The mass killing of a particular cultural group
Coup d'etat The overthrow of a government
Querulous Habitually complaining
Secular Part of culture that is non-religious in nature
Arid Climate with little to no rain
Draconic Excessively harsh or severe
Despot Someone who has total power and rules brutally
Furtive Shifty or sneaky
Enmity Ill will or hostility
Ostracize Expel from a community or group
Quell Suppress or stop completely
Magnanimous Generous and noble
Created by: missmurdough