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Stack #43488

Lindh, Chap 35 - 36, Mrs. Taylor's MA class

Six Rights of Med Administration patient, drug, dose, time, route, documentation
how drugs are classified actions, body system, uses, type of preparation
Three types of names drugs have generic, chemical, trade or brand
Four factors that effecting drug action absorption, elimination, distribution, biotransformation
Name for lists of controlled substances schedule
How many lists of controlled drugs are there? Five
Are Schedule I level controlled drugs available by prescription? No. These drugs are not acceptable for medical use within the USA.
Do Schedule II drugs have a high potential for abuse or a low potential for abuse. High potential for abuse
Do Schedule IV drugs have to be locked up? Yes
Controlled substances are to be counted by how many people how often? Daily by two people
An inventory record of Schedule II drugs must be submitted to the DEA how often? every TWO years.
Aspirating before injecting is based on what scientific evidence? None
Is it necessary to aspirate when giving insulin? No
Do all types of injectable and inhalable insulin have similar rates of onset and duration of actions? No
Which types of insulin are given immediately before or with a meal? Fast-acting insulin like Humalog or Novolog
Insulin should be given with either a tuberculin or insulin syringe. True or False? False...Insulin should be given with ONLY an insulin syringe.
Five sources of drugs plants, animals, minerals, herbal supplements, synthetic, genetically engineered
Five medical uses of drugs therapeutic, diagnostic, curative, replacement, preventative or prophylactic
PDR Physician Desk Reference
Physician Desk Reference published annually by drug companies
How many sections are in the PDR? Seven
Type of information in the PDR origin & chemical composition of a drug, effect of drug on the body, how the drug works in the body, conditions for which this drug is SHOULD and should NOT be used, potential dangers, precautions, side effects, dosage & admin info, & how supplied.
Additional info found in a PDR phone numbers for poison control, conversion tables, how to manage a drug overdose
Four most commonly used sections of PDR Brand name/generic name (pink) - Section 2; classification or category - Section 3; product info - Section 5; Alphabetical arrangement by manufacturer (white) - Section 1
Examples of Schedule 1 drugs LSD; heroin; PCP; love drug; Ecstasy
Examples of Schedule II drugs Nisenril; Fentanyl; meperdine, Demerol, Ritalin; Oxycontin; Seconal
Examples of Schedule III drugs body-building sterioids, Fiorinal, with codeine combo drugs, Lortab
Examples of Schedule IV drugs Xanax, Stadol, Klonopin, Redux, Valium, Dalmane, Ativan, Versed, Restoril, Ambien
Examples of Schedule V drugs Robitussin, Lomotil, Paragoric
Which controlled substances cannot have refills on the prescription? Schedule II drugs
How many times may a prescription for a Schedule III drug be renewed in what period of time? Can be renewed five times in six months
How many times may a prescription for a Schedule IVdrug be renewed in what period of time? Can be renewed five times in six months
How many times may a prescription for a Schedule V drug be renewed in what period of time? Can be renewed five times in six months
How many times may a prescription for a Schedule II drug be renewed in what period of time? It cannot be renewed
For drugs on which Schedule MUST the prescription be IN WRITING (no verbal or phone orders)? Schedule II
What MUST appear on each prescription for controlled substances? Provider's DEA number
What are the four principle actions of drugs? local, remote, systemic, synergistic
Undesirable actions of drugs side effects, drug interactions, adverse reactions
routes of drug delivery oral, parenteral, rectal, vaginal, topical, sublingual, buccal, inhalation, instillation
oral by mouth
parenteral by injection or intraveneously
topical direct application to the skin
transdermal via a patch
sublingual tablets, liquid, or drops under the tongue
buccal tablets in the cheek
rectal suppositories, ointments placed inside the anal opening
vaginal suppositories, creams, applications per vagina
inhalation breathe in medicines via sprays, aerosols
instillation liquids, drops in eyes, ears
Principles of prescription writing licensed practitioner, written, & signed order for dispensing drugs
q every
bid two times per day
tid three times per day
qid four times per day
h hour
hr hour
x times
tab tablet
caps capsules
IM intramuscularly
ID intradermally
sc subcutaneously
po orally
gtt drop (drops)
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