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Chap 1-6

I point to self - index finger
you point to person - index finger
he same as you
we index finger - r to l
they index finger moving short move
you plural index finger moving sweep
my open right hand to chest
your open right hand to other person
his same as your to side
our open hand same as we
their open hand point to other person
your plural open hand same and your then sweep left to right
who r hand, thumb on chin, bend index figer
where r hand, shake index finger
student r hand, get info from l hand and take to head
teacher both hands by head then down
man father then to chest
woman mother then to chest
girl r hand, thumb to chin
boy r hand, squeeze fingers together in middle of forhead
mother r hand open and thumb touching chin
father r hand open and thumb touching forehead
sister girl first then r hand on top of l in shape of guns
brother gun to forhead then down to meet the other hand in gun shape
California r hand like horns to the ear, then pull hand away, turn and bring index finger in.
yes r hand, first nodding forward
no r hand, index and middle finger tapping on thumb
don't know r hand to forhead then pull out and away from head
not thumb to chin then pull away
deaf r hand index finger to ear then mouth
hard of hearing index finger and middle finger moving in from of body from l to r
hearing index finger in front of lips rolling forward
hello open hand to forehead and then out
name index finger and middle finger on both hands tapping on each other
live two thumbs straight up
from l hand index finger still, r hand index finger r hand bent and pull away to the right
nice right palm on left palm and slide right hand away from body.
meet you two fists with index fingers up moving toward each other
take up fists toward ground pull up toward ceiling at the same time
class both hands make c's
yes right first nodding forward
which right index finger waving
same as me "Y" waving back and forth
college brush both palms together and then take the right hand higher
pencil right index finger pretend to write on left hand
called/name index and middle finger on both a=hands tapping together
paper right hands taps left hand (palms) upward motion
here two index fingers pointing down
book both hands together forming a book that you are opening
understand right index finger pointing upward at forhead
not right thumb under chin
oh-i-see "y" nodding forward
again right full hand (open) into the left hand
what does that mean? right finger and middle finger forming a "v" on right hand touching left palm in the middle and twisting forward.
explain thumb to index finger on both hands touching in middle and moving in opposite directions
teach thumb pressed to all fingers on both hands and hands placed by the head
learn right hand pulls information off the left palm
course karate chop left hand at tip of fingers then move to palm and chop again.
school clap hands two times
residential school for the deaf or deaf institute make fists with pinkies sticking out tap fists together several times
mainstream both hands fingers spread apart then move right hand on top of left hand.
sign language index fingers on both hands move in circular direction toward middle of body
finger spell right hand moving, or waiving four fingers
which thumbs on both hands moving up and down in alternating fashion
why middle finger wiggling toward the body
please right hand palm to chest rub clockwise
have both hands pointed to self (chest)
move both hands thumbs and fingers joined together then hands meet each other at the finger tips
here (2) palms up and moving inward
thank you right hand open to chin and then gently pull away
thanks a lot both hands move away from chin downward
sorry right fist to chest rub clockwise
sure, true, really index finger to chin then pull down and forward
library make L with right hand and rotate clock wise
bookstore book and sell (sell like teach the rotate forward like a motorcycle)
cafeteria make c with right hand the move from right to left of chin
television make the letters t then v with right hand
restroom letter t with right hand and shake it or letter r with right hand and move r from left to right horizontal to ground
desk right arm on top of left arm forming a table or (I dream of geanie)
chair index and middle finger on right hand moving over index finger on left hand
ask point index finger in air then move toward person asking and bend top of index finger in a hook
help right hand thumb up and the right hand is sitting on left palm
tell index finger to chin, pull finger away and toward person you are telling
show, demonstrate right index finger to left palm move index finger down and palm up
look at watch make v with index finger and middle finger of right hand start at eye area and move toward what watching
pay index finger r hand on palm on l hand move toward end of l hand and off
give r hand, fingers and thumb together, start at shoulder area and pull away from body
send r closed to open hand
go there, come here two index fingers coming toward the body for come here or going away from body to go there
bring here, carry there open palms both hands move toward the body for bring here, and away from body for carry there
move there fingers and thumb pressed together and pointed downward, moving in direction to move there
come on wave r hand right to left
accompany, with, together both fists with thumbs up joined together and moving away from body
fine, great r open palm, spread fingers to chest then move away from chest
can both fists nod forward
wait one minute index finger up
hurry index and middle finger together on both hands moving away from body
what palms up both hands moving outward from middle
what 2 index finger r hand moving downward of 4 fingers of left hand with left hand sideway with fingers spread
need r hand index finger in hook and nodding forward
box hands parallel to body they perpendicular
now, today, presently both hands in "y" in front of body and moving downward
red index finger to chin and then pull away
yellow "y" twisting
blue "b" in air and twisting
green "g" shaking
brown "b" to right side of face
black index finger across forhead, keep finger straight
white all fingers r hand pulling outward from chest
pink "p" to chin with middle finger touching chin
purple "p" shaking in front of body
gray both hands fingers spread moving in and out of each other
orange squeezing r hand to chin
dress, close thumbs both hands move on body from shoulders downward on body, twice for clothes
hat tap head
shirt index finger and middle finger pulling on shirt
skirt both hands move from hips to knees and then in toward each other at the knee
coat home fists at shoulders then move forward like putting on a coat ending at chest area with two fist with thumbs up
hair index and middle finger pinching hair
eyes point to r eye then to l
ears tug on right ear
nose point to nose
mouth draw circle around mouth with r hand
tall use hand up high to show tall down low to show short
thin index and middle finger going from nose to mouth with cheeks sucked in
beard both hands to show where beard is
small same as tall but shorter
pretty, beautiful right hand circle l to r around the face
ugly finger under nose, pull to right and bend finger
white person white then open hand and finger to the face
smart, intelligent middle finger to head then turn out and away
friendly, pleasant, cheerful both hands wiggling fingers starting at chin and moving toward the ears
arrogant 'L' or guns moving outward at the temples
stuck up make horns with r hand and bring index finger up and past the nose
good open hand palm toward chin and bring down from chin
bad same as good but turn hand so that palm faces floor
sweet four fingers to chin and pull downward
appearance, looks, face circle face with r index finger from left to right starting at chin
feel, emotion middle finger to chest and moving upward
taste, prefer middle finger to mother
smell, scent, odor move fingers upward at the nose
sound, hear point to ear and move slightly forward
same, like, alike "y" move back and forth
see "V" too eyes and pull away
right two fists with index fingers out tapping each other
wrong, mistake "y" to chin and pull downward
not yet, late elbow up hang hanging down and pushing backward
that one "y" pointing to item wanted.
open door put hands together and open up
close door put hands apart and then put together
open window put palms toward body and place fingers all on top of each other then pull apart
close window same as open window but start with hands apart and then bring them together
open drawer palms upward fingers curled pull hands toward body
close drawer palms up fingers tips curled, push hands away from body
open book hands together then open hands like a book
close book hands side by side palms up, place one palm on top of the other
turn on twist fingers to right
turn off twist finger to left
turn on lever or swith move fist upward
turn off switch or lever move fist downward
turn on/off push button push button with thumb or take thumb off button
write write with index finger on palm
driver pretend like you are driving a car fists go up and down in front of the body
ride bike move fists forward in circle at alternating speed in front of the body
chair tap middle and index finger on l hand index and middle finger
door fold palms downward in front of the body
window stack all finger on top of each other in front of the body
drawer palms up fingers curled in on both hands
book palms up form 'v' with hands and open multiple times
pencil write with index finger on palm
car like drive but smaller movement
bike like ride bike but smaller movement
a-little ??
hot hand like a claw toward mouth then push away and downward and say hot
cold fists with both hands thumbs up and shiver moving fists small movements in and out
warm all fingers to mouth, then pull away and open up the hand
cool fan self with both hands
stand up, get up index and middle finger on top of l palm
go ahead palms parallel and facing body, thumbs up,start close to the body and then move away
start, begin, initiate, originate r index finger twist between index and middle finger of left hand
don't mind touch nose and then pull index finger down and away
take grab from air and pull fist toward the body
garbage left arm in front of body with a fist right index finger making ripples forms in front of left arm
throw out start with two fist then own fist and push away like you are releasing and throwing away
owe me index finger to palm
for index finger to temple and then pull away
read index and middle finger scanning on left palm
can't r index finger hits l index finger
answer, respond r index finger at mouth, l index finger just in front of r. move both away from body simultaneously.
self r fist thumb up toward person talking too
won't, refuse make fist with thumb pointing toward body, move fist toward body
day right arm on top of left arm
night evening ??
morning bring left arm up and right hand goes to the join at elbow
afternoon left arm in front of body and right arm goes over and around by elbow
noon right arm strait up and left arm forming an "L"
surprised both hands starting with "g" and going to "l" at the eyeys
enthusiastic, eager, motivated ??
satisfied hands parallel to body one at chest one just below move upward
happy palm to chest make circular motion
sad fingers to face and bring downward
mad, angry claw in front of face move to the right
cranky mad grouchy claw closer to mouth with angry face
excited moving hands in circles in front of body hands move in opposite directions
nervous hands shaking in front of the body
upset hand on stomach and then flips over
so-so hand wobbling in front of body
sleepy ??
hungry hand in "c" shape start at neck and move downward toward stomach
tired hands with fingers on both hands fingers pointing toward body then drop hands downward
sick middle finger to forehead
don't like like then bad
don't want want then turn hands over
don't know fingers to forehead then turn away from forehead
must, must have index finger hook at head and then move downward
will, future open palm at side of face then move forward away from body
can both fists nod forward in front of body
should make hook with index finger and nod forward
how start with first together and thumbs up then turn fists away from body and open up palms
wrong "y" to chin
late elbow up palm to rear move hand from front to rear
roll around r hand curl index and middle finger, roll r hand on top of l hand
coffee make two fists, rub r fist on top of left
wow move r hand back and forth in front of the body
show up appear r hand index finger pointing away from body then goes between index finger and middle finger of l hand
calm down, take it easy patting air in front of body with both hands
want, desire gently squeeze both hands in front of body
like middle finger and thumb pull away from middle of chest
stink pinch nose
worry circle palms in front of head
pass two fists thumbs up pass each other in opposite directions
flunk thumb to index finger on r hand with other fingers spread out move to palm of left hand
test both index finger in air bring down in hooks
stop karate chop palm of left hand
stripes all fingers backward against shirt and dragging downward for vertical and across for horizsontal
look lik bull horns with index finger touching nose and drag away from nose
plaid stripes across and then down
shirt with dots index finger and middle finger on both hands dotting all over shirt
flash room lights put hands above head, put all fingers and thumb together each hand separate, then open and close fingers
Created by: delorya