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What is the female structure of a flowering plant Pistil
What is the male structure of the flowering plant Stamen
Which part of the stamen makes pollen Anther
What is the structure that holds the anther up Filamant
What is the structure on the top of the pistil stigma
What is the structure at the base of the pistil ovary
What structure becomes a seed when fertilized ovule
When the ovary is fertilized it becomes a fruit
The movement of sperm from the anther to the stigma is called pollination
When the egg and sperm unite it is called fertilization
Inside pollen you will find sex cells
After fetilization the ovary becomes fruit
The waxy coating of a leaf is called cuticle
The layer of a leaf that allows gases thru spongy
The structure that is surrounded by guard cells stomata
What structures open and close the stomata guard cells
Stimulus that causes a plant to react to light phototropism
Stimulus that causes a plant to react to gravity gravitropism
Stimulus that causes a plant to react to chemicals chemotropism
Water flows up this tissue xylem
Sugar flows dowm this tissue phloem
Flexible stem herbaceous
Rigid hard stem, found in bushes & trees woody
Type of root a dandelion or carrot would have tap
Type of root that has many branches fibrous
Slimy end of a root root cap
Fine threads off of a root that seek water root hairs
Part of a seed that protects seed coat
Part of a seed that nourishes the baby plant starch
Flower that has two cotyledons dicot
Flower that has parts in three's monocot
Veins in a monocot leaf parallel
Veins in a dicot leaf branching
All plants come from green algae
Makes plants green chlorophyll
Photosynthesis happens here chloroplast
What happens in the chloroplast photosynthesis
Plants that have flowers angiosperms
Non flowering plants gymnosperms
Plants that have "pipes" vascular
Plants that have no "pipes" nonvascular
The way that nonvascular plants get their water osmosis
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