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World: Latin America

World Cultures: Latin America Vocabulary

Favela the poverty-stricken slums that surround many cities in Brazil
Communism a system in which there is no social class or private property; all political, social, and economic decisions are made by the governing body
Cartel an organization that controls the production, price, and trade of a particular good
Coyote someone who smuggles people across the US-Mexico border by guiding them through the desert
Pollero someone who smuggles people across the US-Mexico border in a vehicle/with fake documents/bribing the border guards
Socialism a system in which many social, political, and economic decisions are regulated by the governing body
Immigrant someone who comes to a new country with the intention of remaining there permanently
Colonialism the act of claiming sovereingty over territories outside a country’s borders
Colony a territory that does not have autonomy
Migration the movement of people from place to place
Egregious extremely bad or shocking
Coerce to make somebody do something by threat
Acumen quickness of judgement or insight
Collusion secret cooperation or conspiracy
Xenophobia intense fear or dislike of foreigners
Dichotomy a contrast between two opposing things
Guerrilla a member of an illegal armed group that uses tactics of sabotage and harrassment
Urbanization the growth of cities
Assimilate to become more similar to the dominant culture
Fallible lacking in moral strength, courage, or will
Created by: missmurdough