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Test 1 - Words

Medical Words

All medical term have at least one: word root
Word part placed at the end of the word: suffix
The word part that contains the fundamental meaning of the word: word root
Body part containing the dorsal cavity: Brain
The smallest structural unit of living matter is: cell
The medical term for "blood nose" rhinorrhagia
When a person lies flat on their back: supine
The female reproductive organs housed: pelvic cavity
Not a type of tissue visceral
A term for under the skin is: hypodermic
The combining form is made up of a: word root and combining vowel
The process of viewing the bronchus with a diagnostic instrument: bronchoscopy
Cells that group together to preform specialized functions: tissues
Plural form of "THROMBUS" THROMBI
Plural form of "PLEURA" PLEURAE
A word can end in a combining form. (True or False) False
Unlike prefixes, suffixes do not need a combining vowel when begining with a consonant. (True or False) False
A compound medical word contains prefix, word root, and a suffix. (True or False) False
Polyarthritis means inflamation of a joint. (True or False) False
Proctocolectomy is the surgical repair of the rectum and large intestine. (True or False) False
Created by: linhnpham