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A collection of glands that secrete hormones Endocrine System
Chemical messengers of the endocrine system Hormones
Group of cells that secrete hormones Glands
Turns glands on and off Feedback controls
Stimulates skeletal growth Pituitary Gland
Increases the rate that you use energy Thyroid gland
Regulates calcium level in the blood Parathyroid
Regulates the immune system Thymus Gland
Prepares you to deal with stress Adrenal Glands
Regulates blood sugar Insulin
Produces estrogen Ovaries
Produces testosterone Testes
When the thyroid swells due to not enough Iodine Goiter
Diabetes is a disorder of what system Endocrine System
The spinal cord and the brain are part of which subdivision of the Nervous System Central Nervous System
The part of the neuron that receives the signal Dendrite
The part of the neuron that sends a signal Axon
The part of the brain responsible for balance Cerebellum
The part of the brain rresponsible for involuntary functions Medulla
Shortcut fron the spinal cord to the muscles Reflex
Largest section of the brain Cerebrum
The space between two neurons Synapse
What is the electrical signal called Impulse
Which neuron travels from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles Motor Neuron
Which neuron sends information to the brain sensory neuron
Three parts of the brain Cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla
Which side of the brain assists with creativity, music appreciation, artistry Right
Which side of the brain assists with math skills, and reading Left
Which side of the brain controls activities on the right side of the body? Left
What are the bones called that protect the spinal cord Vertebrae
A concussion is a disease of what system Nervous System
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of which system Nervous System
Gigantism is a disease of which system Endocrine System
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