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Stufflet Unit 19

Unit 19 APUSH

term created by Eisenhower that described weapons makers and military influence on US foreign policy “military-industrial” complex
Soviet leader after the death of Stalin Nikita Khrushchev
term that referred to idea that a nuclear attack by one nation would result in the destruction of both nations Mutual assured destruction (MAD)
Cuban communist leader who overthrew US- backed dictatorship in 1959 Fidel Castro
communist-nationalist leader of Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh
fortress where French were defeated by Vietminh in Vietnam in 1954; resulted in French withdrawal and American involvement in Vietnam Dien Bien Phu
after French defeat, these split Vietnam at the 17th parallel into communist north, non-communist south Geneva Peace Accords, 1954
idea that if one country in southeast Asia was allowed to fall to communists, others would soon follow Domino theory
Cited national security reasons to build interstate highways (troop/nuke movements) Highway Act of 1956
term created by David Riesman of Harvard; referred to concept that people measured themselves against images created by mass media “other-directed” society
cultural controversy of the 1950s that claimed American culture was becoming too standardized Mass Culture Debate
example of youth's revolt against conformity; 1st great "rock and roll" star; lyrics and moves seen as sexually promiscuous and "black" Elvis Presley
example of male revolt against conformity; founded Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner
example of female revolt against conformity; method of contraception that became available in 1960 Birth control pill
leader of NAACP in 1950s; later became 1st black Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall
Chief Justice of Supreme Court appointed by Eisenhower; moderate views helped civil rights movement Earl Warren
court case that ruled state mandated segregation of schools violated Constitution (equal protection under law) Brown v Board of Education of Topeka (1954)
court case that ruled desegregation would move forward “with all deliberate speed” Brown II (1955)
100 members of Congress denounce Supreme Court’s segregationist rulings and said they would support any legal resistance Southern Manifesto
black woman whose refusal to relinquish her seat on bus sparked awareness of civil rights in 1954 Rosa Parks
his leadership of Montgomery Bus Boycott makes him the leader of the entire civil rights movement to many Martin Luther King
civil rights organization of MLK that demanded desegregation of public facilities, started voter registration drive, and promoted passive civil disobedience Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
Expedited lawsuits by African-Americans who claimed voting rights were violated and created Commission on Civil Rights to advise govt on issues Civil Rights Act of 1957
high school that was forcibly desegregated by US troops in 1957 on the orders of Eisenhower Little Rock Central High School
wrote The Catcher in the Rye; showed individual struggle against conformity (Holden Caufield)and refers to “phoniness” of society J. D. Salinger
leader of Beats; wrote On the Road; rebelled against conformity by promoting spontaneity, drugs, improvised jazz, and unorthodox literary styles to rebel against conformity Jack Kerouac
Senator from Arizona who started modern conservative movement (reducing support of civil rights and domestic programs, tougher policies toward USSR Barry Goldwater
first artificial satellite in space; launched by USSR in 1957 Sputnik
space agency founded largely as reaction to Soviet launch of Sputnik National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
failed 1961 invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles (lacked enough American support) Bay of Pigs invasion
1962 crisis in which Soviets attempted to place nuclear missiles on Cuba; JFK responded with blockade Cuban Missile Crisis
largest civil rights march of 1960s; MLK gave "I have a dream" speech March on Washington (1963)
wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963); cmplained about confinement to home and lack of career opportunities for women Betty Friedan
conservative female activist who believed equality with men would take away many of their privileges in society (like exemption from draft) Phyllis Schafly
accused assassin of JFK; assassinated by Jack Ruby Lee Harvey Oswald
commission set up to investigate JFK and Oswald assassinations; said both Oswald and Ruby acted alone Warren Commission
Created by: stufflsb