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World: East Asia

World Cultures: East Asia Vocabulary

Buddhism A religion that emphasizes inner harmony to reach enlightenment
Buddha "One who is awake;" someone who has reached Enlightenment
Siddhartha The founder of Buddhism; a prince who left his home to seek Enlightenment
Four Noble Truths The basic beliefs of Buddhism; life is suffering, suffering is caused by desire, freedom from desire is freedom from suffering, to do this follow the eightfold path
Eightfold Path The steps one must take to escape suffering and achieve Enlightenment
Enlightenment A state of perfect understanding and inner harmony; a state that allows someone to understand the causes of suffering and be free from it
Nirvana A state of eternal happiness for the soul after death; no longer needing to be reincarnated (because Enlightenment was achieved)
Confucius The founder of Confucianism
Confucianism A philosophy based on harmony with others (with the community)
Reciprocity Behaving well towards others and having others behave well in return
Five Relationships The five most important interactions in someone's life, according to Confucius: parent-child, husband-wife, friend-friend, elder sibling-younger sibling, people-government
Lao Tzu The founder of Taoism
Taoism A philosophy based on harmony with the natural world
Three Jewels The three virtues Lao Tzu taught people to develop: compassion, moderation, humility
Tao The Way; a force that flows through all life.
Chi A person's energy; it gets more powerful the more one understands the Tao
The Analects The book of Confucian teachings
Tao-Te-Ching The book of Taoist teachings
Wu Wei The Taoist belief in allowing one’s actions to flow naturally and accepting their consequences
Okunu ryu “Many ways”- a form of Okinawan karate
Created by: missmurdough