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World: Central Asia

World Cultures: Central Asia Vocabulary

Burqa a covering women wear that conceals everything but the eyes
Insurgency a rebellion of many groups against a common enemy
Madrassa a school that teaches extremist Islam
Mujahed/Mujahideen the Afghan warriors who fought the Soviets; the Arabic word for "defender"
Taliban an extremist group that ruled Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001
Kashmir A territory claimed by both Pakistan and India, one of the reasons for tensions between the two countries.
Ahimsa non-violence toward all living things
Artha economic success and material wealth; one of four major goals in Hinduism
Brahman the supreme, universal spirit in Hinduism
Dharma "righteous" path; one's duty in life to do something positive for the world and oneself; one of four goals in Hinduism
Hinduism The religion practiced by the majority of people in India
Henotheism a religion that recognizes many gods as aspects of one supreme, universal spirit (example: Hinduism)
Karma the positive or negative force resulting from one's actions
Kama physical happiness or pleasure; one of four goals in Hinduism
Moksha eternal happiness for the soul, no more reincarnation; one of four goals in Hinduism
Samsara the cycle of birth, life, death, and reincarnation
Tribalism When one's tribe is the most important part of one's identity
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