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3rd Kyu Brown Belt Exam

What must a student do when entering a room with Sensei? announce his presence
Senior students should always set this? a good example
Senior students should correct this the discipline of junior students
What should a student never do? spar or self-defense without instructor's permission
What is the first principle of karate? respect
Why should students always be helpful to Sensei? out of courtesy
What is a senior called in Japanese? sempai
What does sempai mean? senior
What does zanshin mean? remain concentrated
What is "remain concentrated" in Japanese? zanshin
What is the training area called? taijo
What is taijo? training area
What does Otagi ni rei mean? bow to each other
What phrase in Japanese means "bow to each other"? Otagi ni rei
What does sashime mean? finish
How do you say "finish" in Japanese? sashime
What is our karate organization? Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International
What is the Zen Bei Botoku-Kai dedicated to? preserving the martial arts traditions
Where did O'Sensei Kim establish branches of the Butoku-Kai? Canada, France, and Germany
Who established branches of Butoku-Kai in Canada, France and Germany? O'Sensei Kim
What do the small lines on the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai International Crest respresent? The different martial arts in the organization
On the crest, what represents the different martial arts in the organization? the small lines
What is our style of karate? Shorinji Ryu
What is Shorinji Ryu? our style of karate
What is Shorinji Ryu a blend of? internal and external martial arts and weaponry
When was Kobudo developed? 1300-1600
When was Gichen Funakoski born? 1868
When did Gichen Funakoshi demonstrate karate in the Shuri Castle? 1921
When did Gichen Funakoshi bring karate to Japan? 1922
When was Gichen Funakoshi's dogo built and "China Hand" become "Empty hand"? 1936
When was the Dai Nippon Butoku-Kai closed by General MacArthur? 1945
Where is the original Butokunden Kyoto, Japan
When karate reached Okinawa what did it blend with? their system of self-defense
When karate reached Okinawa, what did it become? Okinawan Te
Who taught Gichen Funakoshi? Yatsatsune Itosu and Yatsatsune Azato
How did Karate travel? from India, to China, to Okinawa, to Japan, to the rest of the world.
Who did O'Sensei Richard Kim consider to be his primary teacher? Kotaro Yoshida
Who was Kotaro Yoshida? O'Sensei Richard Kim's primary teacher
Where does the kata come from? the Shorei Style and the Shorin Style
What came from the Shorei Style and the Shorin Style? the kata
Created by: lsiefert