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MBC 112 week 2


Renal failure is failure of the kidneys to excrete wastes and maintain filtration or cleanse blood True
Insulin is required for sugar to leave blood stream True
Specific gravity in urine True
Is it acceptable to code elevation of blood pressure as hypertension False
Patient discharge with insulin False
Artificial kidney machine that receives waste filled blood, filters it & returns it to the patients Hemodialysis
Albuminuria Protein in urine
Potasium Electrolytes secreted in urine
Bleeding from the bladder to outside of the body urethra
Bleeding to kidney from the bladder ureter
Avoiding cystourethrogram or VCUG clinical procedure contrast study of bladder while patient is urinating
Small molecule or chemical carries an electric charge Electrolyte
Bean shaped organ behind abdominal cavity kidney
Swelling caused by fluid in tissue spaces Edema
Inadequate secretion or usage of insulin Diabetes Melliutis
Part of test includes specific gravity ph Urine analysis
Major symptoms of diabetes mellitus glycosuria, hyperglycemia, polyuria, polydipsia
Hospital setting code as if it existed
kind of tumor has properties of invasion and metasis malignant
Following condition not rhematic fever aortic valve of unspecified
Rule of nine applies to highest degree of specificity burns
Myocardial Infraction at 8 weeks Acute
V codes are used to report Screening purposes, family planning consult, donor of organs, vaccination (D all of the above)
E codes C-- A & B
Symbol PDx V code used as primary diagnosis
Burn patient nonessential modifier Source of burn
which emptying urine from the bladder Both A & B
Evaluate infertility Chromotubation
Vulvectomy codes divided based on extent and? Size
Hysterectomy codes are based on? approach
Hysterosalengography radiology
Services described in manipulation code of the vagina subheading require what kind of anesthesia General
Removal of impacted tampon vagina 57415
Obsterical visit with cold symptoms E/M codes
Diabetes complication with pregnancy use 648.01 is complication and baby has been delivered
Patient presents with pneumonia and ends up having Legion Ayers disease 482.84
Indwelling bladder catheter is held in place by balloon Foley
Spontaneous Miscarriage
Surgical transfer of kidney from donor Renal Transplanted
Triangular area in the bladder Trigon
Inner region of kidney renal medulla
Cup like collection region of renal pelvis calyx
Relates to morphology of neoplasm m codes
Cancer confide to site of origin in situ
Biopsy outermost part of placenta Chroinicvillus sampling
Tocolysis Repression uterine contractions
Used to indicated need for anot slanted brackets
Pathological reaction to a drug that's been administered correctly Adverse Effect
Residual effect after acute phase disease/injury has terminated Late Effect
Created by: BroncoKelly02