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1.3Electric Service

electric service The connection where electrical power enters a house
service cable or service drop the connection between the transformer and the home. Must be SIZED PROPERLY to provide the amount of CURRENT SAFELY.
service entry or riser THE PIPE or conduit that EXTENDS UP the side of the home, protects cables inside
service mast VERTICAL METAL PIPE OF THE ENTRY OR RISER that's onto the home and contains the service cable; it holds THE WIRES UP HIGH ENOUGH SAFELY to provide connection to the house.
service entrance head or weatherhead a connecting device at the TOP of the mast for the service entrance cable. PREVENT PRECIPITATION from entering the electrical system through the mast.
three wire service two 120 V two-wire systems with a common neutral wire; it supplies 240 V across the two UNGROUNDED WIRES and is common in newer homes.
meter on a meter base, it is the connection point from the mast to the meter.
service panel, or panelboard or panel box Has a SET OF BUS BARS, contains OVERCURRENT devices ALL CURRENTS in the house are connected this.
protective device If the CURRENT overpowers the CIRCUIT too much in the wire; This device will SAFELY OPEN, or "BREAK," the CIRCUIT; BASICALLY A SWITCH.
circuit breakers Has OVERCURRENT PROTECTION; when an OVERLOAD occurs(too much current) the SWITCHS' handle moves to the "TRIPPED" position.
bus bars SUPPLY POWER to the INDIVISUAL BRANCH CIRCUITS. Are special types of conductors that tells the AMPACITY and VOLTAGE ratings of the service panel.
The main breaker, or main disconnect is a much larger circuit breaker that shuts off power to all circuits in the house when tripped
GFCI circuit breaker contains a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter that SHUTS OFF the electricity if a GROUND FAULT occurs, and TRIPS when a SHORT CIRCUIT or OVERLOADS occurs.
subpanel is used when several HEAVY LOADS are located FAR from the service panel or when an addition is built onto the house.
ground a connection between the electrical system and the earth, prevents; lightning strikes, short-circuits, and Too much wattage from developing.
ground wire is connected to a METAL ROD buried in the earth (ground rod) or attached to a METAL COLD WATER PIPE that's part of the plumbing system.
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