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Midterm Exam #1

Advanced Medical Terminology Part 1

In the word "epigastric," this part is the root word. gastr
This suffix means "process of cutting". -tomy
This combining term means clotting. thromb/o
This combining term means flesh sarc/o
This suffix means "process of visually examining". -scopy
In the word "neuralgia," this is the suffix. algia
In the word "pericardium", this is the prefix. peri
This combining form means eye. ophthalm/o
This prefix means without. a- or an-
Process of viewing live tissue. biopsy
Pertaining to above the stomach. epigastric
Cancerous tumor. carcinoma
This suffix means pain. -algia
This combining form means kidney. ren/o
Definition of gastrectomy. gastric resection
The combining form onc/o means this. tumor
This prefix means surrounding. peri-
This prefix means self. auto-
This combining form means disease. path/o
These are the three main objectives when studying the medical language. analyzing words by dividing them into component parts, relate the medical terms to the structure and function of human body, and be aware of spelling and pronunciation problems.
Supine lying on back
Opposite of proximal distal
Chondrosarcoma malignant tumor of flesh tissue
The pituitary gland is in this body cavity. cranial
The body cavity surrounded by the hipbone. pelvic
The thoracic region of the back is in the ____ region. chest
Adipose fat
The diaphragm lies __________ to the organs in the thoracic cavity. inferior
Craniotomy incision of the skull
The process by which food is burned to release energy is called _________. catabolism
The plane that divides the body into right and left portions is the _________ plane. sagittal
The space in the chest between the lungs is called the ____________. mediastinum
The body cavity that is in the chest and surrounded by ribs is called the _____________ cavity. thoracic
The cervical region of the back is in the __________ region. neck
Prone lying on belly
Genes are composed of _________. DNA
A histologist studies ________. tissues
Part of the cell where formation of proteins occurs is the _________. endoplasmic reticulum
The __________ plane divides the body into upper and lower portions. transverse
The upper lateral regions of the abdomen, beneath the ribs, are the _________ regions. hypochondriac
The suffix, -pathy, means ______. disease condition
Red blood cell. erythrocyte
-Megaly enlargement
The suffix, -stasis, means ______. stop or control
Small artery. arteriole
Inflammation of the lymph tissue in the throat. tonsillitis
-Sclerosis hardening
Hernia of urinary bladder. cystocele
-Plasty surgical repair
-Malacia softening
A granulocytic white blood cell that destroys cells by engulfing and digesting them neutrophil
-Lysis separation, destruction
-Penia deficiency
A clotting cell or platelet thrombocyte
-Phobia fear
-Plasia formation
Combining form means death necr/o
"Pain in ear" otalgia
Aminocentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the sac around the embryo
Acromegaly enlargement of the extremities after puberty due to pituitary gland problem
Example of the Rh condition. antigen-antibody reaction
Between the ribs. intercostal
The oppposite side. contralateral
Retroperitoneal behind the abdomen
Dyspnea difficult breathing
Prefix ante- before
Prefix anti- against
Prefix ana- up
Prefix brady- slow
Prefix con- together or with
Prefix contra- against or opposite
Prefix bi- two
Preefix ad- toward
Prefix epi- above
Prefix eu- good or normal
Prefix intra- within
Prefix de- lack of or down
Prefix hypo- under or deficient
Prefix hyper- above or excessive
Prefix inter- between
Organ under stomach that produces insulin and enzymes. pancreas
Tooth that contains a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels. pulp
Abdomen celiac
White plaques on the mucosa of the mouth. oral leukoplakia
Samll sac under the liver that stores bile. gallbladder
First part of the small intestine. duodenum
Buccal the cheek
Inflammation of the appendix. appendicitis
Inflammation of the membrane around the abdomen. peritonitis
Membrane that connects parts of the small intestine. mesentery
The large intestine. colon
Tube connecting the throat to the stomach. esophagus
Abnormal side pockets in a hollow organ (ex. the intestines). diverticula
Inflammation of the large intestine. colitis
Combining form that means the first part of the large intestine. cec/o
Gingiv/o gums
Throat pharynx
First part of the large intestine. cecum
Third part of the small intestine. ileum
Muscular wave-like movement to transport food through the digestive system. peristalsis
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