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MS I Disorders


Poor posture can cause the lumbar spine to become "swaybacked." The medical term for this condition is: Lordosis.
During a fall from a tree, Tiny Tim fractured his tibia, and the bone broke through the skin. This type of fracture is known as a: Compound (open) Fracture.
DeJohn has a compound fracture of the femur. What type of corrective treatment would MOST LIKELY be used? Open reduction and internal fixation.
Abnormal curvature of the thoracic spine causes a "hunchback" appearance. This disorder is known as: Kyphosis.
As LaRhonda ages her bones will become more porous, lose calcium and phosphorous and are more likely to fracture. This condition is called: Osteoporosis.
Pierre has been diagnosed with a greenstick fracture of his radius and ulna. What can you assume about Pierre? He is a child.
An elderly man tells you he has severe pain in his great toe, but denies any trauma to the toe. His pain is most likely caused by: Gout.
For two years, a child is given a diet that lacked Vitamin D. What disorders would most likely develop? Osteomalacia and Rickets.
Lisa fell out of a tree and broke her clavicle. This bone injury is called a: Dislocation.
Mrs. Jones suffers from painful inflammation of her joints. This condition is known as: Arthritis.
A patient had a closed reduction of a fractured tibia. You would expect the patient to have: A cast.
An infection of the bone, usually originating in the skin is called: Osteomyelitis.
This section of the sternum can be broken off if CPR is not done correctly: Xiphoid.
An example of an autoimmune disorder is: Rheumatoid arthritis.
John has been diagnosed with an osteosarcoma. His doctor states that he will have to have a/an: External fixators.
A swimmer strains her shoulder during a race. What is the first thing that should be done, and why? Apply ice to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling.
If muscle cells are stimulated repeatedly without adequate periods of rest, lactic acid accumulates, and the muscle will lose its ability to contract. This is known as muscle: Fatigue.
In what group of diseases do muscle cells degenerate, and the most common is the Duchenne type? Muscular dystrophy.
Debbie has a weakness in the abdominal muscle around her naval causing part of her instestine to protrude through the weakened area. This condition is called a: Hernia.
A mother brings her baby to the health department. The baby has vesicles that rupture and develop yellow crust. These symptoms MOST LIKELY indicate: Impetigo.
Shang complains of pain in the front of his lower leg after running five miles. He is most likely experiencing: Shin splints.
Ling complains of waking up in the middle of the night with severe calf pain. What is the most likely cause of Ling's pain? Muscle spasm.
What type of burn involves complete destruction of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer? Third degree.
What is a tear in a muscle as a result of excessive use that results in minimal bleeding inside the muscle, pain and swelling? Strain.
Dr Schultz diagnosed Mrs. Faw's pain in her shoulder as inflammation of a tendon. This condition is called: Tendonitis.
When a person has acne, oily deposits harden and pores become plugged. When the secretions cannot escape, they fill with: Leukocytes.
What statement about Athlete's Foot is true? It is contagious.
If we fail to exercise, our muscles become weak, flaccid, and will: Atrophy.
When the normal hair is replaced by a very short, transparent hair, what condition results? Alopecia.
What disorder of the interaugmentary system causes potential infection of a newborn baby? Genital herpes.
A person who lifts weights overuses muscles. This overuse causes the muscles to enlarge or: Hypertrophy.
Cameron has been diagnosed with talipes. You would expect him to: Wear corrective shoes.
Karen burns her hand on a hot light bulb. What should she do first? Run the hand under cold water.
Leslie suffers from myalgia. Her muscles: Hurt.
What is the medical term for shingles? Herpes Zoster.
Why is research being done on the use of newborn umbilical cord blood? Cord blood has immunity producing stem cells, is easy to transplant, and does not cause rejection.
When there is inflammation in the body, chemical sustances travel to the hypothalamus, causing the body temperature to increase. What is the medical term for this condition? Pyrexia.
A disease of the circulatory system characterized by fatty deposits in the walls of the arteries which reduces the amount of blood going to an organ is: Atherosclerosis.
What blood disorder would be treated with antibiotics? Septicemia.
Jack has poor circulation which causes blood to remain too long in his veins. This results in the excessive accumulation of fluid in his tissues, also known as: Edema.
What malignant condition is characterized by the overproduction of immature white blood cells which hinders the synthesis of red blood cells? Leukemia.
In addition to chest pain, which of the following are common symptoms of a heart attack? Pain radiating down left arm, nausea, and dyspnea.
Mark is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of R/O MI. His doctor thinks Mark may have had a/an: Heart attack.
Enlarged veins which can be painful, inflamed and not as effective in returning blood to the heart are known as: Varicose veins.
Leslie feels dizzy when she gets up suddenly. At the doctor's office, her blood pressure is 90/50. Leslie has: Hypertension.
What disorder, that occurs in one of five Americans, is frequently called the silent killer because there are usually no symptoms? Aneurysm.
Jeff's doctor is considering treating Jeff with either a coronary by-pass or angioplasty. What is Jeff's problem? Myocardial infarction.
Margie is being treated with chemotherapy and radiation for skin cancer. Her treatment suppresses her bone marrow, causing: Aplastic anemia.
A lab report shows an abnormally large number of red blood cells. The medical diagnosis for this condition is: Polycythemia.
Katia is diagnosed with thrombosis, which means that a blood clot has formed: In a blood vessel.
A pus-filled cavity that forms when there is infection below the epidermis is a/an: Abcess.
Marilyn has leukopenia as a result of her chemotherapy. Marilyn's: White blood cell count is low.
What is the medical term for hemolytic disease of the newborn? Erythroblastosis fetalis.
A deficiency in the number of red blood cells is called: Anemia.
Which of the following blood disorders is inherited from both parents? Sickle cell anemia.
What term is used to describe the pain felt when the heart does not receive enough oxygen? Angina pectoris.
Cheryl has a clot in her leg. If the clot were to become dislodged, it would become a/an: Embolism.
A friend of yours has thrombocytopenia. You would expect him or her to: Bruise easily.
What is a hereditary disease in which the blood clots slowly or abnormally? Hemophilia.
Swollen, distending veins in the rectum are called: Hemorrhoids.
A doctor suspects a patient has diseased leg veins. What test would confirm this diagnosis? Angiogram.
Tamara has a conduction defect. As a result, you would expect her to have: An arrhythmia.
Which of the following is a disorder of one or more heart valves? Mumur.
Paul is scheduled to have a coronary bypass. What MOST LIKELY is his medical probelem? He has a coronary artery obstruction.
Bonnie has endocarditis. How would this condition MOST LIKELY be treated? Antibiotics.
An artificial pacemaker would be used to treat someone with: A conduction defect.
Who would be a candidate for Rho Gam? An Rh negative mother.
Someone who is allergic to bees is stung by a bee, and begins to experience breathing problems, facial swelling, headache, and a falling blood pressure. This type of reaction is called: Anaphylaxis.
A form of cancer of the lymph nodes, what disease is usually characterized by painless swelling of the lymph nodes? Hodgkin's disease.
Sally went to the doctor with severe sore throat, elevated temperature, enlarged tonsils, and chills. Her diagnosis is MOST LIKELY: Tonsilitis.
What lymphatic system disease is caused by a virus, is spread by oral contact, and occurs most frequently in young adults and children? Mononucleosis.
A female had sexual contact with a male who has AIDS. How long will it be before she knows if she contracted the disease? 1 month-12 years.
A person is diagnosed with an opportunistic infection when he/she develops the infection because he/she: Has a compromised immune response.
Which term describes GENERALIZED enlargement of the lymph nodes? Lymphadenitis.
With which of the following conditions is it recommended to wear a medic alert tag? Hypersensitivity to bee stings.
Javid is HIV positive, but he does not have AIDS. What term describes his condition? ARC.
Cammie goes to the doctor complaining of respiratory symptoms. No prescription medications are ordered. Her physician instructs her to stay in bed for a day or two, and drink plenty of fruit juice. Cammie's diagnosis is MOST LIKELY: Common cold.
Tamika has had a cough and fever for three days. Following a chest x-ray, she is admitted to the hospital and treated with IV antibiotics and oxygen. Tamika is MOST LIKELY being treated for: Pneumonia.
Jerome had back surgery. Three days later, he experienced severe chest pain and dyspena. If his doctor orders a lung scan, it is because the doctor suspects: A pulmonary embolism.
Kim experienced hoarseness for two days and loss of voice for three days. She most likely suffers from: Laryngitis.
Cough, low grade fever in the afternoon, weight loss, and night sweats are symptoms of what disease? Tuberculosis.
Brandy has a headache and pressure behind her eyes. She has developed a thick nasal discharge and loss of voice resonance. Brandy has: Sinusitis.
Due to the increase in illegal immigration, homelessness, and AIDS, the incidence of what disease is increasing in the United States? Common Cold.
Johnny comes into the emergency room with wheezing, dyspena, and tightness in the chest. He is experiencing: Asthma.
A respiratory infection which spreads quickly and results in the greatest loss in production hours each year is: Common cold.
In what disease does air become trapped in the alveoli, making it difficult to exhale, while dyspena worsens as the disease progresses? Emphysema.
What disorder is characterized by overdilated alveoli that have lost their elasticity? Emphysema.
Melvin has been diagnosed with pleurisy. What symptoms would you expect him to have? Sharp, stabbing pain when breathing.
A patient with a cough, fever, substernal pain and rales will be treated for: Bronchitis.
What does someone with pneumonia have that is not present in the flu? Fluid in alveoli.
Marsha's grandmother is suffering from first stage Alzheimer's disease. Which of the following symptoms would her grandmother MOST LIKELY exhibit? Short-term memory loss.
A disease characterized by early senility, confusion, and loss of recognition of persons or familiar surrounding is: Alzheimer's Disease.
A child comes to the emergency room with a high fever, headache, and stiff neck. What diagnostic procedure would MOST LIKELY be performed? Lumbar puncture.
Marilyn is a 30 year-old who has developed weakness in her arms and legs, numbness and double vision. What disorder is consistent with Marliyn's symptoms? Mutiple sclerosis.
A child is born with normal intelligence but with brain damage that affects muscle function is suffering from: Cerebral palsy.
Cary often seems to be staring or daydreaming during class. What could these episodes be a sign of? Epilepsy.
Your uncle is suffering from dementia. Which of the following would you expect when you visit? He can't remember your name.
Wayne is diagnosed with Bell's palsy. When looking at Wayne, what physical symptoms would one expect to see? His mouth droops on one side of his face.
A baby is born with hydrocephalus. What surgical intervention is needed? The creation of a shunt.
Blood clot, hemorrhage, and ruptured aneurysm would result in: Stroke.
Which of the following is a common symptom of a CVA? Hemiplegia.
A condition involving abnormal electrical impulses of the brain is: Epilepsy.
Polio is a disease of nerve pathways of the spinal cord that causes: Paralysis.
What disease is characterized by tremors, a shuffling gait, pin-rolling and muscular rigidity? Parkinson's disease.
What diagnostic test measures the electrical activity of the brain? EEG.
What diagnostic test places a patient within a large magnet? MRI.
Pam tells you she wears glasses because the front of her eye is uneven. She insists she is neither nearsighted nor farsighted. Pam has a/an: Astigmatism.
Benjamin's eye muscles do not coordinate their actions and have a cross-eyed appearance. What is the medical term for this disorder? Strabismus.
Someone with diplopia would be treated by a/an: Ophthalmologist.
What should you do if a splinter becomes lodged in the eye? Cover both eyes and seek medical care.
Jose has a genetic disorder in which his cones do not function properly. He has: Color blindness.
What type of medication would be used to treat rhinitis? Antihistamine.
Otitis media is usually treated with: Antibiotics.
Lee developed a skin rash with severe itching. She went to a dermatologist who scraped the rash and looked under a microscope, finding tiny mites. What does Lee have? Scabies.
What statement about malignant melanoma is true? It may appear as a brown irregular patch that appears suddenly.
Marilyn has a hand lesion that her physician treats with liquid nitrogen. What type of lesion does Marilyn have? A wart.
Carmen is very anxious about a job interview and develop itchy wheals on her arms and legs. She is suffering from: Urticaria.
Jojo was burned in a house fire. His doctor estimates his burns at 18%. How did the doctor determine the percentage? Rule of Nines.
Someone with bladder cancer would likely have which of the following symptoms? Hematuria.
A patient has a lump in the breast. What procedure might be used to examine the patient? Mammogram.
Charmaine has a bladder infection. What symptom would she likely have? Dysuria.
What type of skin cancer is the most common and least malignant? Basal cell carcinoma.
Which surgical procedure may be performed on someone with breast cancer? Mastectomy.
Someone who is born without melanin has: Albinism.
If Martina's skin is excoriated, she must have: Scraped it on something.
Carmen is a very thin dancer, who goes to a doctor for a physical exam. Which of the following comments by Carmen would lead the doctor to believe she may have an eating disorder? "I feel so fat in my costumes."
Sometimes, people with eating disorders follow their food consumption with purging. What is purging? Self-induced vomiting and laxative abuse.
Robert is jaundiced. Which of the following disorders could have caused his jaundice? A gallstone blocking the common bile duct.
Every time a newborn baby is fed he has projectile vomiting. After taking x-rays, doctors schedule the baby for surgery. What is the diagnosis? Pyloric stenosis.
Kristie has been suffering with a bout of gastroenteritis for about 24 hours. What would Kristie need when she is admitted to the hospital? IV fluids.
Gretchen has an inflammation of the large intestine which is causing episodes of constipation and diarrhea. What is the medical term for this disorder? Colitis.
A patient with colon cancer has most of his large intestine removed. What will be constructed to compensate for the missing bowel? Colostomy.
The medical term that means inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the stomach and intestines is: Gastroenteritis.
When small quantities of stomach acid are regurgitated into the esophagus, the resulting condition is called: Heartburn.
Eating proper foods such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids can help avoid which of the following conditions? Constipation.
Obesity is defined as weighing what percent more than optimum body weight for gender, height, and bone structure? 15%.
Which of the following best explains the reason why a person with anorexia nervosa refuses to eat? Fear of weight gain.
Small stones may pass on their own but large ones must be surgically removed in what condition? Hiatal hernia.
Curtis has H. pylori in his stomach. He smokes, drinks, and works as an air traffic controller. Curtis is at high fisk for developing: An ulcer.
Janice had a ruptured appendix. Bacteria from the appendix spread to the abdominal cavity causing: Peritonitis.
The medical term that means surgical removal of the gallbladder is: Nephrectomy.
A liver disease caused PRIMARILY by excessive alcohol consumption is: Jaundice.
What is the primary cause of obesity? Excessive intake of calories in proportion to expenditure.
What group is most likely to develop anorexia nervosa? Young adult females.
What disorder is characterized by episodic binge eating followed by purging behavior? Progeria.
Which athletes are most likely to develop anorexia nervosa? Male wrestlers.
In addition to severe weight loss, a female with anorexia nervosa USUALLY has: Amenorrhea.
A condition in which a sore or a lesion forms in the mucosal lining of the stomach is called: An ulcer.
It is recommended that all healthcare workers be vaccinated for which of the following diseases? Hepatitis B.
In addition to severe weight loss, a female with anorexia nervosa often has: Amenorrhea.
What statement BEST describes a method of heartburn prevention? Avoid lying down for 2-3 hours after eating.
A person in what age group would be MOST LIKELY to be diagnosed with diverticulosis? 60-80 years old.
Acute or chronic inflammation of the stomach lining is: Gastritis.
A health care worker who is struck with a contaminated needle is at risk of developing: Hepatitis B.
Hepatitis is usually caused by a/an: Virus.
What diagnostic procedure would a physician order for a patient who detects a lump in the breast? Mammography.
A condition in which tissue resembling the inner layer of the uterus grows in various locations in the pelvic cavity is: Endometriosis.
A woman who completes a course of antibiotic treatment and then experiences vaginal itching, burning and leukorrhea would be treated with: Antifungal medication.
The two hormones that are used in contraceptive pills are: Estrogen and progesterone.
The test that women should have annually for the early detection of cervical cancer is the: Pap smear.
Redness, swelling, and pain in the breasts could indicate: Mastitis.
The sterilization procedure for women is called a/an: Tubal ligation.
The unintentional loss of a pregnancy is called a: Spontaneous abortion.
The sterilization procedure for a male is called a/an: Vasectomy.
The procedure to remove the foreskin of the penis is called a/an: Circumcision.
What is a usual symptom of prostatic hypertrophy? Polyuria.
For what STD may a pregnant woman need a C-section to prevent infection of the new born? Genital herpes.
What is the medical term for inflammation of the testes? Orchitis.
What is the medical term of menstrual cramps? Dysmenorrhea.
If the kidneys are not functioning properly, what would occur? Toxic wastes would accumulate in the cells, poisoning themselves.
Dialysis involves the use of a device that rids the blood of harmful wastes by passing the blood through: A semipermeable membrane.
Doug is getting old and sometimes he unintentionally wets his pants. The medical term for this is: Incontinence.
Jane is 7 years old and is complaining of dysuria. Her most likely diagnosis is: Cystitis.
What procedure would be the BEST treatment for renal failure? Kidney transplant.
What is the main complication of a kidney transplant? Rejection.
Which of the following is an early sign of acute kidney failure? Obliguria.
What set of symptoms would be expected in someone with renal calculi? Severe pain, chills, hematuria.
Kidney trauma can cause red blood cells to be present in the urine. This is known as: Hematuria.
In chronic renal failure, there is a gradual loss of the function of the: Nephrons.
Katie has a fever and flank pain. A urinalysis is done and shows pyuria. Katie may have: Renal calculi.
Someone who drinks a lot of water may experience: Polyuria.
Which of the following conditions is most common in small children? Enuresis.
A lithotriptor can break up renal calculi using: Shockwaves.
Hemodialysis is used to treat: Kidney failure.
The most common cause of cystitis is: E Coli.
Catherine injured her ankle while ice skating. Her X-ray shows no signs of bone abnormality but her doctor feels she has damaged ligaments. Catherine's diagnosis is a: Sprain.
Vernita has dry-itchy skin, constipation, and muscle cramps at night due to a lack of thyroxine. What endocrine disorder does she have? Diabetes insipidus.
An abnormal condition characterized by a protrusion in the wall of an artery is known as a/an: Embolus.
During a routine school checkup, it is noted that Susan's spine is curved from side to side. This is called: Osteoporosis.
Bruce is 8 feet tall and weighs 260 pounds. Which of the following endocrine glands may be responsible for his size? Parathyroid.
Which of the following disorders is NOT directly related to over or under secretion of growth hormone? Acromegaly.
An inflammation of the skin that produces a rash caused by coming in contact with a substance is: Acne vulgaris.
Enlargement of the bones of the hands, feet, and joints, with a characteristic protruding chin are common symptoms of: Acromegaly.
A tiny webbed stainless steel device which holds arteries open after an angioplasty is called a: Stent.
If someone with diabetes goes too long without insulin, what life threatening condition might develop? Cushing's disease.
What is a laparoscopy? Surgical insertion of a lighted instrument through the abdominal wall.
Acne vulgaris is a common, chronic disorder of the: Dermal papillae.
What is the primary cause of skin cancer? Exposure to direct sunlight.
Peter wears contact lens to see the chalkboard at school. He probably has an eye disorder called: Hyperopia.
An ophthalmoscope is used to examine someone complaining of: Blurred vision.
What is the medical term for a tiny abscess at the base of any eyelash? Blind spot.
The treatment of glaucoma can be medical or surgical, and involves a goal of: Improving vision.
A condition in which the lens loses elasticity after the age of 40 is: Glaucoma.
Which of the following is NOT a symptom of hyperthyroidism? Fatigue.
Accidental removal of the parathyroid glands could cause: Tetany.
Which of the following is NOT a common symptom of Cushing's Syndrome? Enlargement of the thyroid gland.
What synthetic hormone could be given to a pregnant woman to cause her to go into labor? Oxytoxin.
Marilyn has a blood sugar of 100 milligrams. Her blood sugar level is: Low.
A typical screening procedure for diabetes mellitus is: Urinalysis.
What is a hereditary disease in which the blood clots slowly or abnormally? Sickle cell amenia.
What part of the eye is removed during cataract surgery? Iris.
Donald has otosclerosis. What part of his ear is affected? Middle ear.
What behavior would likely lead to the spread of pinkeye? Talking on the telephone.
How is dwarfism treated when diagnosed at an early age? Iodine suppplements.
The two main causes of pneumonia are: Poor health and nutrition.
Acute or chronic inflammation of the stomach lining is: Colitis.
Influenza is caused by a: Bacteria.
Which of the following could be determined by taking a pulse? Hypertension.
What should you do if a friend has spistaxis? Lay the friend down with the head tilted back.
Simple goiter is caused by: A lack of sodium in the diet.
A lack of insulin leads to: Anuria.
AIDS can be spread through: Sexual contact.
The most common cause of chronic bronchitis is: Working in a factory.
What causes Alzheimer's disease? The cause is unknown.
For what disease is a childhood vaccine given? Poliomyelitis.
Any inflammation of a nerve or nerve trunk is: Neuralgia.
What skin disorder is caused by a fungus? Psoriasis.
Which of the following is life threatening? Tetanus.
What causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? The cause is unknown.
A person experiencing weakness or paralysis in all four extremities is said to be a: Quadriplegic.
Sun Lee's grandmother has a viral brain infection. In medical terms, what is the grandmother's diagnosis? Encephalitis.
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