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PCBundle3 Assessment

Pinecrest Cadence: Evolution Explains Life’s Unity and Diversity

Genes are located in which part of the cell? Chromosome
What is the primary function of genes? Controlling the production of specific proteins
Whales, which live in the water, have hips. These structures are important for carrying the weight of animals that walk on land. Finding this body part in animals that don’t walk on land is best explained how? Whales share a common ancestor with animals that walk on land.
Chimpanzees have many similarities to New World monkeys, but lack a tail. The best evidence for an ancestral relationship between chimpanzees and New World monkeys comes from what observation of the embryonic development of these animals? At an early stage of development, chimpanzee embryos have tails.
A(n)_________________________ is the earliest stage of development for all organisms. embryo
What would be the most immediate result of a gene mutation in an organism? A change in a protein produced by the organism
If the food source on an island changes, what would be an expected adaptation? The beak shape would change over time, because the sharper beak would allow the bird to live long enough to reproduce.
The embryos of two different organisms are observed to have similar features. What is a reasonable conclusion that can be drawn from this observation? These organisms are related by a shared common ancestor.
The distinct layers of rock, also known as rock which form over very long periods of time, can tell us a lot about the history of Earth. strata
Human cells have 23 pairs of ________________ which are highly organized and structured pieces of DNA. chromosomes
Comparing the embryos of different animals can show relationships that can’t be seen when comparing the fully formed animals. Why is this the case? Embryos can have parts that are not present in the fully formed animals.
____________________which are mineralized remains or evidence of organisms, can show us how long-dead organisms lived and how their bodies were structured. Fossils
______________________are made up of amino acids and can be mutated to alter traits. Proteins
Layers of sediment that are successively deposited on top of one another can form __________________rock layers and can be helpful when dating fossils. sedimentary
The number of different species present, or biological ______________ can be an indicator of how hospitable an ecosystem was during a certain period of time. diversity
Many organisms can be traced back to common ancestors by focusing on the comparative __________________of the embryos. anatomy
A population of beetles live in a forest. Some are red, and some are green. The green beetles blend into the environment better than the red beetles. What would you predict the beetle population color distribution to be years from now? Mostly green beetles with only a few red beetles, because the green beetles live long enough to pass their traits
________________ ___________________is a process in which individuals with less desirable traits die at a faster rate, leading to the predominance of traits more suited to the habitat in a population Natural selection
Camels live in the desert. They have long eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes and they can close their nostrils so sand doesn't go up their nose. These traits are ___________that camels use to survive to reproduce in its specific environment adaptations
Adaptation by the process of __________ _______,acting over many generations, is one important process by which species change over time in response to changes in environmental conditions. natural selection
Genetic information is shared between parents to produce an offspring. This mixing of chromosomes to make unique combinations leads to ___________ ______________ within a population of organisms. genetic variation
Based on certain types of records, scientists have seen patterns of changes over time in the level of complexity of anatomical structures in organisms. What type of records would scientists be referring to? fossil records
All the individuals of a certain species living in an area make up a ______________________. population
Humans have different eye colors that are the result of mutated genes. Is this mutation harmful, beneficial, or neutral? Neutral
Each gene, located on a chromosome, controls the production of specific proteins. These proteins determine the ____________ of that organism. traits
Scientists organized the units of geologic time based on the record, placing the end of one unit of time and the beginning of the next at points when there were distinct changes in the biosphere. fossil
What evidence is used to create phylogenetic trees? Similarities and differences in ___________ ________________. body structures
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