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Sending Bits

The Digital Domain - Sending Bits

What does the acronym LAN stand for? local area network
What is the type of computer network found in most homes? LAN (local area network)
What component of a network ensures that network traffic reaches the correct destination? the router
What sort of address does a router assign to every device on the network, including itself? an IP (internet protocol) address
What is the name for the chunks in which information travels on a network? packets
What is the most common way for networked devices to communicate with the router in a LAN? wi-fi
There are two ways devices on a LAN can send and receive millions of bits every second. One is via wi-fi. What is the other way? long wired links called ethernet cables
What type of cables make up the internet backbone, stretching across countries and even under the sea? fiber-optic cables
In most LANs the router is combined with another device called a ______________, which allows the LAN to be connected to the rest of the internet. modem
What is the word "modem" short for? modulator-demodulator
What device converts, or modulates, outgoing traffic from the LAN into a form that can be sent on telephone wires, cable tv cables, or optical fibers? modem
What device converts incoming internet traffic into a form that can be passed on to devices on the LAN? modem
Companies called ISPs provide access to the internet. What does ISP stand for? internet service provider
Connected into the internet backbone of fiber-optic cables are powerful _______________ which direct vast numbers of bits toward their destination. A) leased lines B) core routers C) mobile exchanges D) local telephone exchanges core routers
What type of program can access pages of information stored on computers called servers. browser
What does the acronym URL stand for? uniform resource locator
What is the computer language used for writing web pages? HTML (hypertext markup language)
What does HTML stand for? hypertext markup language
What is the term for a link on a webpage that hides a URL? hyperlink
What is the term for text that contains hyperlinks? hypertext
What are the two pieces of information a navigation satellite broadcasts when it sends out its digital radio signal? its exact position and the time the signal left the satellite
How many different satellite signals does a receiver use to work out its own location? three
How many different satellite signals does a receiver need to use to work out its height in addition to its own location? four
What is the best known satellite navigation system? GPS (global positioning system)
What does GPS stand for? global positioning system
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