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Stage 38 Vocabulary

Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 4: Stage 38 Vocabulary Checklist (page 80)

aptus, apta, aptum, adj. suitable
bracchium, bracchiī, n. arm
certus, certā, certum, adj. certain, infallible
prō certō habeō, habēre, habuī, habitum, vb. to know for certain
clam, adv. in private, secretly
commendō, commendāre, commendāvī, commendātum, vb. to recommend
cōnfectus, cōnfecta, cōnfectum, adj. exhausted, overcome, worn out
dextra, dextrae, f. right hand
ēripiō, ēripere, ēripuī, ēreptum, vb. to rescue, snatch away
familia, familiae, f. household
grātus, grāta, grātum, adj. acceptable, pleasing
ignōrō, ignōrāre, ignōrāvī, ignōrātum, vb. to not know about
intrā, prep. (+ acc.) inside
iungō, iungere, iūnxī, iūnctum, vb. to join
lēx, lēgis, f. law
līmen, līminis, n. doorway, threshold
mēns, mentis, f. mind
nūbō, nūbere, nūpsī, nūptum, vb. (+ dat.) to marry
orior, orīrī, ortus sum, dep. to arise, rise
polliceor, pollicērī, pollicitus sum, dep. to promise
pontifex, pontificis, m. priest
prohibeō, prohibēre, prohibuī, prohibitum, vb. to prevent
queror, querī, questus sum, dep. to complain about, lament
regō, regere, rēxī, rēctum, vb. to rule
sēcūrus, sēcūra, sēcūrum, adj. without a care
trāns, prep. (+ acc.) across
unguō, unguere, ūnxī, ūnctum, vb. to anoint, smear
vereor, verērī, veritus sum, dep. to be afraid, fear
vērō, adv. indeed
vestis, vestis, f. clothing
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