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Making Bits

The Digital Domain - Making Bits

What is the thing that all digital devices share? A) they all use electromagnets B) they all work with numbers C) they all require bluetooth D) they all require an analog-to-digital converter They all work with numbers
What are the two digits that the binary system uses? 0 and 1
What type of number system does the digital domain use - decimal or binary? binary
What two words is the term "bits" short for? binary digits
In the binary system, which number represents full or yes? 1
In the binary system, which number represents empty or no? 0
In the binary system, each place value is ______________ the one to its right A) ten times B) eight times C) twice D) equal to twice (or double)
What physical form do bits usually take in a digital machine? electric charges
Every digital device needs input in what form? bits
What is the abbreviation for the standard that electronic music equipment conforms to? MIDI (musical instrument digital interface)
When you play a note on a MIDI keyboard, how many bytes does the digital code produced contain? three bytes
How many bits are in a byte? 8
What number range does one byte represent? 0 to 255 (00000000 to 11111111)
The digital code produced by a MIDI keyboard when a key is pressed represents three things. Which of the following is NOT one of them: A) the force with which the key was pressed B) a command C) the actual note D) the volume of the note the volume of the note
Which of the following is not a component of a computer keyboard: A) keyboard chip B)speed sensor C) dome and metal contact D) rubber sheet speed sensor
What changes strength in a computer keyboard when a key or combination of keys is pressed? the scanning signal from the keyboard chip
To what part of the computer does the keyboard chip send the digital signal it generates when a key is pressed? to the processor
What part of a laptop computer's keyboard works in the same way as a touchscreen? the trackpad
An optical computer mouse uses what to work out its position? light
What is the name for small images on a computer's screen that represent programs or operations? icons
What does a plastic light guide on a computer mouse do? A) collect light scattered from the surface B) direct light onto the surface on which the mouse is resting C) take a photo of the mouse's position D) show whether the mouse is turned on or off direct light onto the surface on which the mouse is resting
What part of an optical mouse collects light scattered from the surface and sends images to the computer? A) camera B) light guide C) LED D) bluetooth chip camera
What device is used to control the cursor's position on a computer screen? a mouse
What are the names of the two sets of transparent wires in the display of a touchscreen device? driving lines and sensing lines
What flows through the driving lines and sensing lines of a touchscreen device? electric current
Does the controller chip of a touchscreen device send electric current down all of the driving lines at the same time, or one at a time? One at a time
Approximately how many driving lines are there in a typical smartphone? ten
Where does the controller chip of a touchscreen device send electric currents- the driving lines or the sensing lines? driving lines
The electric field around a driving line in a touchscreen device moves the __________ inside the body, which affects the electric field itself. A) blood cells B) tissue membranes C) ions ions
What type of device is used to convert an analog signal into a digital signal? analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
What type of signal varies continuously- analog or digital? analog
Which part of an analog-to-digital converter receives the original analog signal and signals from the digital-to-analog converter? the comparator-register
What part of a digital thermometer produces and electric signal that increases or decreases in voltage as the temperature changes? thermistor
An electronic scale uses what type of gauge to detect the weight of an object? a strain gauge
What is a typical number of bits per sample for high-quality audio? 16 bits per sample
In creating digital sound, what is measured or sampled thousands of times per second? the voltage of the electrical sound signal
What is a common form of compression for an audio file? MP3
What is the name for the individual squares that make up images in digital devices? pixels
What is the name for the light-sensitive elements on an image sensor? photodiodes
In a digital camera, what needs to occur in order for an electric current to flow through and activate a photodiode? Light needs to fall on that particular photodiode
What does a photodiode detect- brightness or color? brightness only
What does each photodiode of a digital camera have that enables the sensor to capture the color of the image? a color filter- red, green, or blue
What is the tool that is used to feed photographs and other images into a computer? a scanner
The term "pixel" is actually short for what two words? picture element
What part of a scanner contains three rows of hundreds of tiny light detectors with red, green, and blue filters? Charge Couple Device (CCD)
Which of the following is not a component of a digital scanner? A) diaphragm B) charge coupled device C) lens D) analog-digital converter diaphragm
In a digital image, what three colors are mixed in different levels of brightness to represent all other colors? red, green, and blue
What part of a games controller contains two variable resistors at right angles to each other? a joystick
What part(s) of a games controller works by completing an electric circuit and sending a stream of bits to the console? the buttons
What part(s) of the joystick of a games controller work like a dimmer switch or volume control? the variable resistors
Do the variations in current produced by moving the joystick of a games controller produce an analog or digital signal? they produce an analog signal (which must be digitized before going to the console)
How many variable resistors does the joystick of a games controller have? two
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