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John 19

342. Who took Jesus and had him flogged? 19:1 Pilate
343. What two things did the soldiers place on Jesus? 19:2 A crown of thorns and a purple robe
344. What did the soldiers say to Jesus? 19:3 “Hail, king of the Jews!”
345. What did the chief priest and their officials cry out when they saw Jesus? 19:6 Crucify! Crucify!
346. The Jews said that Jesus ought to die because he claimed to be who? 19:7 The Son of God
347. Who became afraid after he heard that saying? 19:8 Pilate
348. The Jews said that they had only on king. Who was he? 19:15 Caesar
349. Pilate brought Jesus forth and sat down in the judge’s seat which is called what? 19:13 The Stone Pavement
350. Jesus bore his cross to what place? 19:17 The Place of the Skull (Golgotha)
351. Quote exactly the title placed on the cross of Jesus. 19:19 Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews
352. What 3 languages was it written in? 19:20 Aramaic, Latin and Greek
353. What was unusual about Jesus’ undergarment? 19:23 Woven in one piece from top to bottom
354. What did the soldiers do with Jesus’ garments? 19:24 Divided his clothes among them
355. What did Jesus say when he saw his mother? 19:26 “Dear woman, here is your son”
356. What did he say to the disciple standing by? 19:27 “Here is your mother”
357. When Jesus go thirsty, what did they give him? 19:29 Wine vinegar
358. What did they put the vinegar on? 19:29 A sponge
359. What statement did Jesus make after he had received the vinegar? 19:30 “It is finished.”
360. What did one of the soldiers do after Jesus died? 19:34 Pierced his side with a spear
361. What came forth from his side? 19:34 Blood and water
362. Which one of Jesus’ disciples asked Pilate for the body of Jesus? 19:38 Joseph of Arimathea
363. Who came with Joseph and brought spices? 19:39 Nicodemus
364. What spices did he bring? 19:39 A mixture of myrrh and aloes
365. What did they wrap Jesus’ body with? 19:40 With the spices, in strips of linen
366. Where did they lay his body? 19:41 In a new tomb
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