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7th Grade Literature

Literature Midterm Exam

Jalopy a run-down automobile
Surplus extra
Gasping breathing with difficulty
Populated lived in
Vineyard an area where grapes grow
Drone buzzing sound
Instinctively automatically
Murmured spoke in a low, quiet voice
Savoring enjoying
Hesitantly uncertainly; cautiously
Immigrated moved to a different country
Revolting disgusting
Lavishly abundantly
Mortified embarrassed
Spectacle a foolish or shameful scene
Smugly in a conceited or self-satisfied way
Resolved decided
Systematic organized
Etiquette manners
Consumption the amount used or taken in
Urgency the need for quickness
Coping managing; dealing with difficulties
Stammered stuttered; hesitated
Revived recovered; felt better
Institution a group home or establishment devoted to special care
Insight a new understanding or idea
Demanding needy; attention seeking
Sheepishly bashfully; meekly
Compassion concern; sympathy
Inconvenience bother; annoyance
Severed cut (in Marley's case "chewed through")
Massive huge
Crevice a crack
Intuitively naturally; instinctively
Depression hollow; dip
Equated compared; regarded as equal
Lethargic slow-moving; sluggish
Indulge find time for and enjoy
Excursion an adventure or trip
Intuition instinct; knowing something without thinking about it
Empathy sensitivity to others' feelings
Shaft a narrow beam of light
Optimism the feeling that things will turn out well
Adversity difficulty
Unwavering never changing
Illiterate unable to read or write; uneducated
Buoyant cheerful; upbeat
moody gloomy; in a bad mood
transfixed fascinated; amazed
dejectedly sadly; unhappy
immigrant a person who goes to another country to live
absorbs takes in
Created by: Peter W



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