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Key Stage 3 Science

Define a force A force is a push or a pull
What is the unit of force The unit of force is the Newton
What is the symbol for the unit of force The symbol for Newton is N
Describe contact forces Objects exert a force on each other only when they are in contact with each other.
State four examples of contact forces 4 examples of contact forces are:Friction, air resistance, water resistance and normal reaction
Describe non-contact forces Objects exert a force on each other without coming in contact with each other.
State 3 examples of non-contact forces Three non-contact forces are: Gravity, Magnetism and Static Electricity
What are the 4 effects a force can have on objects? A force can cause an object to change: Size, shape, speed or direction.
Define mass The amount of matter in an object
Define weight The pull of gravity on an object
Name 3 forces that act in opposition to motion Three forces acting in opposition to motion are : friction, air resistance and water resistance.
Where an object has the greater weight, on the Earth or on the moon? The weight of an object is greater on earth than on the moon
What is the reason to your answer to question 12? The strength of gravity is greater on the Earth than on the moon
Which type of surface produces more friction, a rough surface or a smooth surface Rough surfaces produce more friction
Which type of energy is usually generated when friction is present? Thermal energy is usually present with friction.
What is the resultant force when balanced forces act on an object? The resultant force is 0N
What are the two possible condition when balanced forces are action on an object? 1 The body is stationary, 2 The body moves with constant velocity.
What happens when unbalanced forces act on an object? There is a change in motion
State two possible ways your answer to number 3 may present itself. Change in speed or change in direction
What is the name of the instrument used to measure weight in a lab? Newton meter or force meter
How are forces represented? Using straight line with an arrow
What does each part tells us? The straight line is proportional to the size of the force and the arrow indicates direction.
Calculate the resultant force acting on the object with 5 N to the left and 8 N to the right 8N – 5 N = 3 N to the Right
Define elastic materials Materials that return to their original shape when force is removed.
Define inelastic materials Materials that do not return to their original shape when force is removes
What is the equation for extension? Extension = final length – initial length
What is the equation for pressure? Pressure = Force /Area
What is the unit of pressure? N/m2
What is the equation for calculating upthrust? Upthrust = weight in air – apparent weight in liquid
For a mass of 500g on Earth what is its weight? 5N
What is the unit for force? Newton
Name the apparatus used to measure forces Newton meter
Define "force" A push or a pull that acts on an object due to the interaction with another object
Define "contact force" A force that acts when objects are physically touching
Define "non-contact force" A force that acts when objects are physically separated
Name five examples of contact forces Friction, air resistance, tension, compression, normal contact force
Name three examples of non-contact forces Gravitational force, electrostatic force, magnetic force
Define "resultant force" Single force that can replace all the forces acting on an object and have the same effect
Name two things that could happen when the forces on an object are balanced Object remains at rest, object remains at constant speed and direction
Name four things that could happen when the forces on an object are unbalanced Object accelerates (speeds up), decelerates (slows down), changes shape, changes direction
What would the resultant force on an object be if the forces are balanced? Zero
What is the name of the diagram used to represent the forces acting on an object? Free-body diagram
Define "friction" Force opposing motion which is caused by the interaction of surfaces moving over each other
Define "drag" Friction force when one object is a liquid or a gas
Define "tension" Force extending or pulling apart
Define "compression" Force squashing or pushing together
Define "normal contact force" Push force acting between two solid objects
Define "air resistance" Friction force acting between an object and air particles
State two examples of situations where it is useful to reduce friction Sports, vehicles
State two ways of reducing friction or drag Make objects streamlined, use lubricants
State Newton's Third Law When two objects interact, the forces they exert on each other are equal and opposite
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