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Key Stage 3 Science

What is inherited variation caused by? DNA / your genes
Give an example of continuous variation Height / weight / foot length/ leaf length / heart rate
Define the term variation The differences in characteristics between organisms in the same species.
Is the language you speak an example of inherited variation or environmental variation? Environmental
Which physical environmental factor is the biggest issue in the desert? High temperature / Not enough water
Describe one adaptation polar bears have to survive in their habitat. White fur for camouflage / large feet for walking on snow and swimming / rough soles to grip ice/ small ears to reduce heat loss / thick fur to keep it warm
Define the term species A group of organisms that can reproduce with one another to produce offspring that will also be able to reproduce.
Which two cells fuse together in fertilisation? Sperm cell and egg cell
Give a reason why an organism might be nocturnal. To find food more easily / to avoid predators / to avoid hot temperatures during the day
What type of graph would you need to draw to represent eye colours of students in year 7? Bar Chart
Write out a food chain for a rabbit, owl and grass Grass à Rabbit à Owl
What is the name given to the bell shaped curve that can be drawn on a graph showing continuous variation? Normal distribution
Which of these organisms is a producer? Eagle, Oak Tree or Sheep. Oak Tree
Define the term herbivore. An organism that only eats plants
Natural Hair colour is an example or which type of variation? Inherited variation
List something an organism might compete for. Food, mates, territory, water, light
Energy that is stored in food is used in respiration to help animals move and keep warm. How else is this energy wasted? Undigested /released in faeces or urine or waste
Using the food web in Q6, name the producer in the longest food chain Grasses
Using the food web in Q6, explain what would happen to the population of mice if the grain crops died suddenly. Population would decrease / they would die, due to lack of food
What is a pesticide? A poison/chemical that kills pests
Draw a pyramid of numbers for the food chain Oak Tree--> Caterpillar--> Blue Tit --> Sparrow Hawk The left of this picture.
Where does a producer get its energy from? The sun / light energy / photosynthesis
Give an example of variation found in rose plants Height / leaf length / stem thickness or width / number of flowers or leaves / colour of flowers or leaves / thorns or no thorns
Define "habitat" The environment that an organism lives in
Define "population" Group of the same species living in an area
Define "species" Organisms that have similar characteristics and can reproduce to produce FERTILE offspring
Define "competition" Organisms trying to gain a share of limited resources
Define "interdependence" Organisms relying on each other for food and shelter
Define "ecosystem" The living and non-living things in a given area
Define "producer" A green plant or algae that makes its own food using sunlight
Define "consumer" An organism that eats another organism
Define "decomposer" Organisms that break down dead plant and animal material
Define "food chain" A diagram to show the direction of energy transfer between organisms
State three things that plants compete with each other for Light, space, water and mineral ions
State three things that animals compete with each other for Food, mates, territory
State three things that organisms depend on each other for Food, shelter and pollination
State the type of organism that all food chains start with Producer
What will happen to the number of predators if the number of prey increases The number of predators will increase
What will happen to the number of prey if the number of predators increases The number of prey will increase
What does the arrow in a food chain represent? The direction of energy transfer
Define "carnivore" An organism that eats only other animals
Define "omnivore" An organism that eats both animals and plants
Define "herbivore" An organism that eats only plants
Define "biodiversity" Having a wide range of different species
Define "species" Organisms that have similar characteristics and can reproduce to produce FERTILE offspring
Define "adaptation" Features that enable them to survive
Define "endangered" Serious risk of extinction
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