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Key Stage 3 Science

What are the sperm cell and the egg cell known as Gametes
What is it called when a sperm and an egg fuse together fertilisation
Do fish use internal or external fertilsation External fertilisation
Reproduction that requires two parents Sexual reproduction
What do the testes produce Sperm
What is the ring of muscle at the lower end of the uterus called Cervix
What does the egg travel down after it is released from the ovary Fallopian tube
Where does a fertilised egg implant into The lining of the uterus
What surrounds the egg to ensure only one sperm enters A jelly coat
How is a sperm adapted to reach an egg cell Stream lined shape, lots of mitochondria or a tail
Where does fertilisation usually occur In the oviduct
What does the placenta provide to the baby Oxygen, water and nutrients
The baby grows surrounded by what fluid Amniotic fluid
How long does the gestation period last for in humans approximately 9 months
When the embryo develops organs what is it then called A foetus
Apart from nutrients what other important thing do babies receive through breast milk Antibodies
Oestrogen and testosterone are examples of what Sex hormones
What happens on day 14 of the menstrual cycle The egg is released
What happens during menstruation (“having a period”) The lining of the uterus breaks down
Contractions at the start of labour are caused by what Muscles in the uterus contracting
Name the 3 key parts of the male reproductive system Testis, sperm duct, penis
Name the 5 key parts of the female reproductive system Ovary, fallopian tubes, cervix, uterus, vagina
Define "gamete" Sex cells
Name the main female reproductive hormone Oestrogen
Define "fertilisation" Nucleus of male and female sex cell joining
Define "ovulation" Releasing an egg
Define "menstruation" Losing uterus lining
Name the process where a matured egg is released from the ovaries Ovulation
Define "gestation period" Time take for a baby to develop from fertilisation
Name the hormone that causes egg maturation in the ovaries FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
Define "placenta" Organ providing foetus with oxygen and nutrients
Define "umbilical cord" Tube connecting foetus to placenta
Approximately how long does human pregnancy last for? 9 months
Name the hormone that stimulates ovulation LH (luteinising hormone)
Name the hormone that stimulates the build-up of the uterus lining Oestrogen
Name the hormone that maintains the uterus lining Progesterone
State the average length of the menstrual cycle 28 days
Which two female hormones does the pituitary gland secretes during the menstrual cycle? FSH and LH
Which two female hormones does the ovaries release during the menstrual cycle? Oestrogen and progesterone
Which hormone stimulates the release of oestrogen? FSH
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