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7th global studies

Unit 2 Study Guide: Scarcity

scarcity The state of something being in short supply.
consumption The use of a product and how much its used.
production The act of making something.
livestock The raising of animals for food and their products.
agriculture The raising of crops and food.
sustainable Able to be maintained at a certain level.
malnutrition Poor health caused by a lack of adequate food.
famine An extreme scarcity of food.
food insecurity Little access to food and needs.
drought A long period without any rain.
pollution When the environment of being polluted by trash from people.
supply The supply of something and how much there is.
demand The want or need of a supply.
What things threaten usable farmland? flooding, drought, deforestation, desertifaction
Americans with food insecurities also may have poor health, why? Because they may not have enough to feed themselves and poor access to food.
Approximately 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water. Of that 70%, what percentage is freshwater and fit for human consumption? 3 percent
What are the effects of water scarcity? Not being able to grow nutritious food, droughts, political conflicts, and pollution.
Identify and describe one factor that effects water scarcity. One factor that affects water scarcity are droughts.
Explain one way in which water scarcity can impact food supply in a particular area or region. One way water scarcity can impact food supply is an inefficient amount of water for growing crops for food.
Identify and describe one type of natural disaster that can impact food supply. One natural disaster that can impact food supply are floods.
Explain in detail how that natural disaster can cause a food shortage in a particular area or region. They can impact the crops by destroying them and overflooding the crops. This can cause a food shortage to the people. This situation happens especially in Pakistan.



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