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Chapter 4-2 Quiz

Flashcards for Chapter 4-2 Social Studies Quiz

Who helped to get the support of France during the Revolutionary War? Benjamin Franklin
Who was sent to France to deliver the news of the victory at the Battle of Saratoga? Jonathan Austin
What were the conditions that the continental army had to endure during the winter of 1778? Lack of decent food, clothing, shelter, and medicine
What other european country decided to help the Americans during the Revolutionary War? Spain
What does the word "desert" mean? To leave without permission or intent to come back
Friedrich von Steuben Helped train the Patriot troops at Valeyy Forge
Thaddeus Kosciuszko Helped build important defenses for the Americans
What were some of the difficulties people on the home front faced during the war? Wives had to take care of families, farms, and businesses by themselves w/o help of a father + children had to make do w/o father present
What were William Livingston's beliefs about slavery? Said slavery was "Utterly inconsistent with the principles of Christianity and humanity."
How did people treat Loyalists who stayed in the colonies? Some became victims of violence, shunned by neighbors, loyalists who actively helped British were arrested + in rare cases, executed by Patriots



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