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Chapter 4-1 Quiz

Flashcards for Chapter 4-1 Social Studies Quiz

Strengths of the British Strongest navy in the world, well trained army, very wealthy, had more people, more soldiers
Weaknesses of the British Distance between colonies and Britain, citizens mad they had to pay wars heavy cost, poor leadership, kept changing plans + generals hoping for easy victory
Strengths of the Americans High sense of purpose + motivation, fighting on own ground, guerilla warfare tactics, good leadership, support of women on battlefield + home
Weaknesses of the Americans Short of men (at least 20,000 troops), less experience, plagued by shortages, tried to print money but value was almost nothing
Who did Britain hire to fight the colonists for them? Hessians (German troops)
Why did many men leave the Continental army in the early years of the war? They had no hope for victory
Where were the armies located before the Battle of Trenton & Princeton? Pennsylvania along the Delaware River
What were the British trying to accomplish at the Battle of Saratoga? Take over Albany, New York and gain control of the Hudson River
Molly Pitcher Took over for her husband on the battlefield after he was no longer able to fight.
Deborah Sampson Disguised herself as a man to serve in the Continental Army
Who said "We shall have a long... and bloody war to go through." John Adams
What was the first state to have an all African American regiment? Rhode Island
When did British forces surrender at the Battle of Saratoga? October 17, 1777
Where was Loyalist support the weakest? New England



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