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Stages 1-8 handbook

Ad to,towards
Ambulo,ambulavi i walk
Amicus friend
Ancilla slave girl
Audio, audivi i hear
Bibo,bibi i drink
Canis, canem dog
Cena dinner,meal
Cibus food
Clamo,clamavi i shout
Clamor a shout, uproar
Cur? why?
Curro,cucurri i run
Dominus master
Dormio,dormivi i sleep
E,ex out of,from
Ecce! look!
Ego i
Et and
Exspecto,expectavi i wait for
Femina woman
Festino,festinavi i hurry
Filius son
Fortis brave,strong
Habeo, habui i have
Hodie today
Hortus garden
Ianua door
In in
Inquit he says
Intro i enter
Iratus angry
Iuvenis young man
Laboro i work
Laetus happy
Laudo i praise
Leo lion
Magnus big
Mater mother
Mercator merchant
Meus my,mine
Multi many
Multus much
Navis,navem ship,boat
Non not
Olim once
Parvus small
Pater father
Pecunia money
Per through
Perterritus terrified
Porto i carry
Postquam after
Puella girl
Quid? what?
Quis? who?
Quod because
Respondeo,responsi i reply
Rideo,risi i laugh
Saluto i greet
Salve! hello!
Sed but
Sedeo i sit
Senex old man
Servus slave
Specto,spectavi i watch, look at
Sto,steti i stand
Subito suddenly
Sum i am
Supero,superavi i overcome
Taberna shop,inn
Tu you
Tum then
Turba crowd
Tuus your
Ubi where
Urbs city
Venio i come
Via street
Video i see
Villa house
Voco i call
Cum with
Facio i do/i make
Ingens huge
Narro i tell
Neco i kill
Nihil nothing
Omnis all,every
Paro i prepare
Prope near
Scribo,scripsi i write, i wrote
Rogo i ask
Tamen however
Celer fast,quick
Consumo, consumpsi i eat
Duco,duxo i lead
Ferox fierce
Nuntius messenger
Pugno i fight
Saepe often
Silva wood
Statim at once, immediately
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