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6th Grade

Unit 5: Government and Economics

What is a tariff? Taxes that are placed on goods that travel over a political boundary.
What is globalization? Dependence or reliance upon other countries for goods, services and resources.
What are the four types of economies? Market, command(communism), mixed and traditional
Which type of economy lets people make all decisions about their economic activity and the government has no role in economic activities? Market
Name a country that has a mixed economy. USA, Germany, England
Which type of economy lets the government control all of the resources and make the decisions? Command or Communism
Name two countries that have a command economy. China and North Korea
Which type of economy is where a society uses the resources in its immediate vicinity to make the things it needs. Traditional
Give an examples of a region or group that uses a traditional economy. Inuit of northern Canada, Amish, tribes
Which economy uses rituals and cultural traditions based on family ancestry to run the economy? Traditional
Which economy is related to communism where the government has strong control and does not allow citizens to own private property? Command
Which type of economy has the prices of goods and services set by supply and demand and the consumer gets to decide what to buy? Market
In which type of economy are people free to spend their money how they want to and people do not need permission to start a business? Market
In which type of economy do people make their own tools and clothes and resources are owned by a group instead of individuals? Traditional
In which type of economy are decisions based on religious beliefs and age is respected so the elders have the most power? Traditional
Which type of economy has goods distributed on an as-need basis where the government decides what is needed and how much is made and what is made? Command
What type of economy allows the government to regulate some businesses and the people create private businesses? Mixed
What is the most common type of economy in the world? Mixed
What do you call countries with strong economies and a high quality of life? Developed countries
What do you call countries with less productive economies and a lower quality of life? Developing countries
What is the value of all goods and services produced within a country in a single year called? GDP gross domestic product
If a country has a low GDP and low life expectancy rates, is it a developed or developing nation? Developing
Is the USA a developed or developing nation? Developed
If a country has a high GDP, high literacy rates, high life expectancy rates and access to education and medicine, is it a developed or developing nation? Developed
A type of democracy where citizens elect leader to represent them in government. representative democracy or legislative democracy or republic
A small group that rules a country after taking it over by force. Junta
When one person has all of the power. Autocracy
Type of democracy where citizens are involved in day-to-day government. Direct democracy
Type of government style that recognizes God as the ultimate authority in government and law. Theocracy
Type of government where one leader has absolute control over citizens' lives. Dictatorship
A type of government where a small group of people has all of the power. Oligarchy
Type of government where a king or queen rules the country. Monarchy
The citizens are not allowed to voice there opinion against the government. Dictatorship
Voters choose representatives to make decisions and policies. Democracy
Individual rights are protected in this type of government. Democracy
People of different backgrounds and religions are respected in this type of government. Democracy
Religion is discouraged in this type of government. Dictatorship
People may live in fear that they might be killed for something they say in this type of government. Dictatorship
When you don't have enough of a resource, good or service. Scarcity
The process of exchanging goods or services one has for the goods or services one wants; related to importing and exporting. Trade
A set of rules that guides how a country, state or other political organization works. Constitution
No government in place; no control. Anarchy
A system of laws and lawmakers responsible for creating a safe, productive and orderly nation. Government
A system that includes the production, consumption and distribution of goods and services in a society. Economics
What type of government does the USA have? Representative democracy or legislative democracy or republic
Give an example of a country that has a dictatorship or communism in place. North Korea, China
Created by: comstockpark
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