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To Be A Entrepreneur

Flocabulary Unit 4 : How To Be An Entrepreneur

Abet | Verb to assist, encourage or support, usually in some wrongdoing George will abet Louie in the bank robbery by driving the getaway car. Other forms: An abettor, or abetter (noun) assists another in some sort of wrong doing.
Atrocity | Noun an appalling condition; the act of being shockingly cruel or inhumane The biggest atrocity of the war was the horrible treatment of women and children in the prison camps. Other forms: Sadly the kids at the orphanage were sleeping in atrocious (adj) bed
Caption | Noun an explanation or description for a picture Daphne did not read the caption under the cartoon, so she did not get its meaning. Other forms: Caption can also be a verb meaning “to entitle something,” as in: The yearbook editor asked us to caption each a
Discern | Verb to detect or perceive as separate and distinct The students were able to discern that their teacher was not happy with them after she read the notes left by her substitute. Synonyms: distinguish, differentiate | Antonyms: disregard, overlook
Deploy | Verb to spread out or move into a position of readiness If the landing gear doesn’t deploy on time, the plane will crash on the runway. Other forms: The large deployment (noun) of troops to Iraq meant that the war was not over yet.
Evolve | Verb to develop over time or gradually Over the next two weeks, the seeds we planted in science class will evolve into different types of plants. Synonyms: emerge, grow, metamorphose Other forms: A popular video on the Internet features a man showing the ev
Exemplify | Verb to show by example, or to be an example of Our student body president tries to exemplify the characteristics of a good leader and friend. Synonyms: demonstrate, display
Fastidious | Adjective demanding, painstaking or hard to please Bruno is a fastidious cleaner because he sweeps, mops and vacuums his entire house daily. Synonyms: careful, meticulous, discriminating
Feasible | Adjective capable of being accomplished; possible My plan to steal a car was feasible, but I was too lazy to carry it out. Antonyms: impossible, unlikely
Inventive | Adjective creative Valerie was an inventive fashion designer and often won awards for her unique clothing designs. Synonyms: artistic, innovative Other forms: As you probably know, an inventor (noun) invents (verb) inventions (noun).
Minimize | Verb to reduce to the smallest amount Lindsay’s doctor tried to minimize the amount of pain she felt following her knee surgery. Synonyms: downplay, diminish, lessen | Antonyms: enhance, exaggerate, maximize Other forms: The smallest amount is the minimum
Perspective | Noun a view, or a mental view or outlook From my perspective at the back of the classroom, it looked as if Kayeesha was cheating off of Joey’s test.
Rebuke | Verb to criticize sharply or disapprove of A teacher most likely will rebuke a student for chewing gum in class. Synonyms: berate, admonish, reprimand Other forms: Rebuke is also a noun meaning “a criticism or admonishment” as in: The police officer gave
Sporadic | Adjective not happening often; occasional Mary experiences sporadic moments of happy memories of her late husband. Synonyms: scattered, spotty, infrequent | Antonyms: steady, continuous, frequent Other forms: The bride sporadically (adverb) placed rose petals up
Voracious | Adjective marked by a large appetite for food or an activity Timothy was such a voracious reader that the librarian let him check out more than the allowable number of books. Synonyms: avid, unquenchable, insatiable | Antonyms: quenched, satisfied, indifferent
Created by: Gucci Guddi



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