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BIOL 130: Chapter 6


Identify all of the symptoms that may indicate an individual has acute lymphocytic leukemia. swelling in the neck, lack of energy, bruises that take longer than normal to heal
Select all functions of blood. helps regulate body temperature, transports gases, combats pathogens
Transport functions of the blood include transport of hormones, hemoglobin transport of oxygen, and ______. distribution of nutrients.
Select all substances transported by the blood. hormones, oxygen, nutrients, carbon dioxide
Phagocytosis, antibodies, and blood clotting are components of which function of the blood? defense
The liquid portion of the blood is called _____. plasma
The three general categories of blood function are transport, regulation, and _____. defense
The primary transport medium of the human body is the _____. blood
True or false: Hormones, wastes and lipids are transported by the blood. true
Pathogens are destroyed by being engulfed during a process called _____. phagocytosis
Blood is which type of tissue? connective
Select the two major components of the blood. formed elements and plasma
Select the three types of formed elements found in human blood. red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets
Select all functions of blood. combats pathogens, helps regulate body temperature, transports gases
All of the categories of formed elements of human blood are produced by the _____. red bone marrow
Blood is considered to be a type of fluid _____ tissue since it contains cells and a noncellular matrix. connective
About 91% of plasma is ______. water
The maintenance of blood pH, blood clotting, transportation of cholesterol, and maintenance of osmotic pressure are all functions of which blood component? plasma proteins
Cells that can divide and become the various types of blood cell are called _____. pluripotent stem cells
Which of the following are characteristics of red blood cells? carry oxygen, contain hemoglobin, biconcave shape
The portion of the blood responsible for carrying dissolved salts, proteins, and buffers is the ______. plasma
Blood is red because of the presence of which molecule? hemoglobin
Select all of the following that are components of plasma. proteins, salts, urea
Select all functions of plasma proteins. maintain osmotic pressure, buffer blood pH, form blood clots
Red blood cells are also known as _____. erythrocytes
Select all structural components of hemoglobin. heme, four polypeptide chains, iron
The component of the blood that is directly responsible for the transportation of oxygen is ______. hemoglobin
A single molecule of hemoglobin can bind to and transport ___ molecules of oxygen gas. (Answer with a number.) 4
Hemoglobin that is carrying carbon dioxide is called _____. carbaminohemoglobin
The iron-containing group in our blood is the _____. heme
The protein with four polypeptides in our RBC is the _______. globin
Red blood cells are produced by stem cells in the _____. bone marrow
Each molecule of hemoglobin can transport how many molecules of O2? 4



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