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Wild Ride

Flocabulary Unit 3 : Wild Ride

Amiss {Adjective} in a faulty way, astray, or wrong. When my parents came home from being gone all weekend, they saw how clean the house was and immediately knew something was amiss. Synonyms: faulty, improper, flawed, askew, awry. Other forms: adverb: Something’s gone ami
Avail {Verb} to be of use to; to help. The doctor’s best efforts did not avail the dying patient. Synonyms: to benefit, aid. Other forms: Avail can also be a noun meaning “use or advantage” as in: His strength was of little or no avail in digging himself out from und
Bizarre {Adjective} unusual, odd or outrageous Tracy was exhibiting bizarre behavior around James because she had a crush on him.
Chastise {Verb} to criticize or discipline The football coach would chastise his players when they were losing. Synonyms: scold, berate Antonyms: praise, encourage
Contagious {Adjective} easily transmittable Even though Stella’s boyfriend had strep throat and was highly contagious, she kissed him.
Culminate {Verb} to come to the end or the highest point. The flag football tournament will culminate with an awards banquet, where I hope to be recognized as the most valuable player. Synonyms: conclude, finish, peak. Other forms: A huge dinner marked the culmination (no
Deplore {Verb} to feel or express strong disapproval of The group told the President that they deplored American involvement in the war. Synonyms: to bemoan, regret
Dialect {Noun} the language specific to a group of people due to geography, society, or an occupation Those dudes speak a strange dialect of Spanish.
Hover {Verb} to suspend in the air; to wait nearby The cats tend to hover by their food dish when they are hungry for breakfast and dinner. Synonyms: hang, float, linger
Loll {Verb} to lounge; to recline During summer, the kids like to loll about on the dock in their bathing suits besides the lake. Synonyms: to hang, relax, chill Antonyms: to hurry, rush, speed
Modify {Verb} to change; to amend Sometimes my grandmother will modify her cookie recipe by adding more sugar so they are sweeter. Other forms: If you make a modification (noun) to something, you make a change to it.
Preposterous {Adjective} foolish, absurd Barry was telling his mom a preposterous story about why he was an hour and a half late to school. Antonyms: reasonable, sensible, logical
Spontaneous {Adjective} unplanned and impulsive There was a spontaneous burst of laughter at the back of the classroom when the teacher accidentally said a bad word.
Subside {Verb} to lessen, diminish, decline The weatherman said the huge waves would subside after the hurricane. Antonyms: to rise, increase
Tedious {Adjective} boring, tiring or monotonous Sharon gave her daughter some tedious tasks to complete to pass the time while they waited for their plane to arrive. Antonyms: entertaining, interesting, exciting
Created by: Gucci Guddi



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