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disorder chaos or lack of order
insincere not genuine
disease illness or sickness
infrequent not happening very often
mistake an accidental error
uneasy uncomfortable, nervous or anxious
discourage to cause to lose excitement or enthusiasm
disbelief state of amazement, inability to accept a truth
disrespect rudeness and impolite behavior
unaware not conscious of
disconnect break a connection or detach
dishonest not truthful
informal having a relaxed or unofficial manner
misspell to use the wrong letters to make a word
mischief trouble caused by reckless or teasing behavior
misleading giving someone the wrong idea or impression
insane crazy out of one's mind
misfortune bad luck
inhuman lacking human qualities like pity or mercy
undress to take off clothing
unfasten to undo or unlock that which is fixed or secure
inexpensive low in cost or price
unknown not known, unfamiliar
untidy messy and disordered
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