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7th Grade Literature

Lit. Test Unit 1 #4

Non human things in I'm Nobody! Who Are You? Frog and the Bog
Human Characteristics of No human things in I'm Nobody! Who Are You? and how is the idea or concept of these characters expressed. Frog was public and told everyone his name. This idea is expressed as bragging and only thinking of himself, was self serving, and had no privacy. The bog was admiring and was listening to the frog. This is expressed as crowd mentality which means...
Non human things in Primer lessons, what are human characteristics of the object, and how is this idea expressed Proud words: They are proud, walking, they wear boots, and they cant hear you calling. This is expressed as hurtful words can never be taken back no matter how hard you try.
Why is it so bad to be somebody? .........
Repeated words in change and what does it mean. As it did last year, The seasons dont change but we do as we grow older
PT 2 of repeated words The ... still: Shows how the seasons go in a cycle and transition from one to another
P3 of repeated words They describe the seasons with adjectives: This is meant to give a better image in your head about what each season is like.
Created by: Peter W


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