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Muhammad Ali

Flocabulary Unit 2 : Muhammad Ali

Agile [Adjective] able to move quickly and easily; flexible Cheerleaders are very agile as evidenced by their fancy stunts and dance moves. Synonyms: nimble, spry Other forms: Chimpanzees have a lot of agility (noun) since they are able to swing freely and easily from
Audacious [Adjective] bold, daring or uninhibited The audacious young baseball player was eager to work his way up from the minor leagues. Synonyms: courageous, nervy Antonyms: timid, cowardly
Crusade [Noun] a military expedition; a campaign for a cause The king led the crusade across the country to take over more land and people. Other forms: Crusade can also be a verb meaning “to fight for a cause,” as in: The sixth graders crusade all year long to be abl
Dub [Verb] to choose; to name The English teacher announced that she was going to dub Lawrence the best speller in the entire class. Synonyms: designate, label
Era [Noun] a period of time marked by distinct events The invention of the Ford Model T marked a new era in travel.
Exceptional [Adjective] unusual, extraordinary Brittney was such an exceptional speller that even our English teacher asked her how to spell words. Synonyms: atypical, phenomenal, peculiar
Grapple [Verb] to struggle with physically or mentally Steven grappled with the idea of losing both his mom and his brother in the car accident.
Heritage [Noun] legacy or tradition The family had been located in the town for over one hundred years and were very proud of their heritage.
Legendary [Adjective] well-known or famous Wild Bill, the outlaw, was legendary for his bank robbery hold-ups and gunfights. Antonyms: obscure, unknown Other forms: A legend (noun) is a story passed down through generations or a person who becomes legendary.
Mien [Noun] manner or appearance The king was a man of honorable mien, so the townspeople did not fear him.
Muse [Verb] to think about or ponder something My dad told me that my problem wasn’t that I mused too much and that an idle mind was the devil’s playground.
Muster [Adjective] to gather or to summon Like many teenage students, Gloria has to muster a lot of courage to stand in front of her peers and deliver a speech. Antonyms: disperse, scatter
Pivotal [Adjective] important, vital A pivotal moment in the football game occurred when the opposing team’s quarterback fell and broke his arm. Antonyms: insignificant, minor, incidental Other forms: A pivotal event is like a pivot (noun), a pin in the ground
Stamina [Noun] endurance Most marathon runners have a lot of stamina to run long distances. Synonyms: staying power, endurance
Stance [Noun] 1. an intellectual or emotional attitude toward something 2. the position of one’s feet. 1. Gavin’s mom took a negative stance on taking drugs because her father had died from a drug addiction. 2. The baseball player’s stance was awkward
Created by: Gucci Guddi



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