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7th global studies

Migration Vocabulary

diversity wide variety
guest worker foreigner who works temporarily in a host country
immigrant a person who moves specifically to a new country
emigration migration from a location
pull factor reasons why people want to migrate TO a place
push factor reasons why people want to migrate FROM a place
refugee a person who flees their home country due to a well-founded fear of danger/ persecution
rural areas in the countryside
urban areas in or near cities
chain migration a way established migrants help others from their home country settle in a new place
gateway city a city that attracts a large number of immigrants
integration a unity of the groups of people within a society
internal migration the movement of people from one region to another
multiculturalism a policy of encouraging immigrant groups to maintain their own cultures
population density the number of people in a specific area
urban sprawl the spread of development beyond a city's official boundaries
international migration Moving from one country to another
asylum seeker Someone who has migrated to another country in the hope of being recognized as a refugee
remittance The money, goods, or services sent by immigrants to family members or relatives in the home countries
unauthorized immigrant A person who enters a country without proper documents to do so
voluntary migration Permanent movement undertaken by choice
forced migration Permant movement compelled by cultural or environmental factors
urbanization Movement of people to cities, and the growth of cities
population total number of people
population distribution the way population is spread out over an area
demography study of population change and why population distribution is uneven
population density average number of people per square mile or square kilometer
birth rate number of live births each year per 1,000 people
death rate number of deaths each year per 1,000 people
genetic marker genetic change that is distinctive in different populations of people
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