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Great Escape

Flocabulary Unit 1 : The Great Escape

Anarchy (Noun) a state of lawlessness, confusion or disorder The crowd erupted into a state of anarchy during the concert. Synonyms: chaos, disorder, turmoil Other forms: The anarchist (noun) lit the garbage heap on fire and soon the whole street was ablaze.
Ardent (Adjective) passionate, enthusiastic and fiery Quincy was an ardent fan of any sports related books or authors. Synonyms: impassioned, fervent, zealous
Augment (Verb) to add to Larry’s dad agreed to augment his allowance by two dollars a week. Synonyms: to boost, increase, enhance Antonyms: to decrease, reduce
Blasé (Adjective) unimpressed and indifferent We all thought Ken would be really excited about the prestigious award he received, but instead he was very blasé about the whole thing. Synonyms: bored, disenchanted Antonyms: eager, enthusiastic
Desolate (Adjective) without any people; dismal and devastated We were shipwrecked and washed up on the most desolate island. Other forms: Desolate is also a verb meaning “to devastate,” as in: Several mean boys tried to desolate my sand castle on the beach by running throu
Embark (Verb) to start or begin Trina is going to embark on a trip and sail around the world by herself. Synonyms: to commence, launch, undertake
Fend (Verb) to ward off or defend The rock stars had to fend off the screaming and swarming girls as they exited the building. Synonyms: to repel, resist, shield
Panorama (Noun) an unobstructed or complete view The celebrity’s home had a panorama of the entire valley and beyond. Other forms: The panoramic (adj) view from the top of the building was breathtaking.
Reception (Noun) the act or instance of receiving or meeting The boys gave the girls a chilly reception at the Super Bowl party. Other forms: A person is usually very receptive (adj) when someone offers to clean their bathroom and kitchen for them.
Rubble (Noun) broken bits and pieces After the huge earthquake, the buildings were nothing but rubble. Synonyms: debris, fragments, wreckage
Teem (Verb) to swarm, brim or overflow Ponds often teem with fish, insects and frogs. Synonyms: to abound, overrun, be prolific Antonyms: to lack, need
Tract (Noun) an area, expanse or region While trying to buy a tract of land, Chris had to be taken to the hospital due to his inflamed digestive tract.
Vice Versa (Noun) conversely, in reverse Kristina hates the homecoming queen, and vice versa: The queen hates her back.
Vie (Verb) to compete for Charlie and Big “T” are both vying for starting-point guard spot on the ball team. Synonyms: to compete, contend, strive
Wrangle (Verb) to argue or dispute Eleanor likes to wrangle with her father about the dangers of smoking. Synonyms: to dispute, fight, brawl Antonyms: to agree, give in Other forms: Wrangle is also a noun meaning “a noisy dispute or altercation,” as in: During the w
Created by: Gucci Guddi



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