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A/P U8 Vocab

Hematology Study of the blood: the prefix heme means blood
Hemostasis State of a chemical balance b/w the cell and its environment
Gamma Globulin antibody fraction of blood
Erythrocyte RBC
Leukocyte WBC
Corpuscles Blood Cells or little bodies
Granulocytes WBC having a lobed nucleus and granules in the cytoplasm
Agranulocytes WBC having a round nucleus and no granules in the cytoplasm
Megakaryocyte Large nucleus cell
Hemoglobin Oxygen-carrying protein pigment del RBC containing iron (Fe)
Pathogen Disease producing microorganism
Coagulation Clotting del blood
Formed elements Cells of the blood, WBC, RBC, Platelets
Plasma Liquid portion of the blood
Transfusion Injection del blood of one person into the blood vessels of another
Agglutination clumping of blood cells when incompatible blood are mixed
Hemolysis Destruction of RBC with the liberation of hemoglobin which diffuses into the surrounding fluuid
Lipid Any of a group of fat or catlike substances which are insoluble in water
Anemia Deficiency of RBC or hemoglobin or both
Shock Depression del bloody functions due to the failure of the circulation
Bone Marrow puncture/ biopsy Insertion of a hollow needle into the marrow cavity of a flat bone to withdraw a sample del bone marrow
Hematocrit Volume percentage of erythrocytes in whole blood
Heparin Acid manufactured by the liver; a natural anticoagulant
Anticoagulant An agent which prevents or delays the formation of blood clots
Thrombus clot formed in a blood vessel
Embolus Clot which has moved from where it was formed
Electrolyte Solution that conducts electricity by means of its ions
Hemostasis Checking the flow of blood through any part of its body
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