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UNIT 3.1.


tech company empresa de tecnología I work at a tech company.
design diseñar I design software.
bill cuenta, factura Where do I pay my bill?
sales ventas My parents work in sales.
sell vender They both sell cars.
car dealership concesionario de coches They have a car dealership.
downtown en el centro de la ciudad I live downtown Lima.
move mudarse Do you want to move?
countryside campo We want to move to a countryside.
alone solo Jack lives alone.
forest bosque He lives in a small house in the forest.
leave salir de(l) He rarely leaves home.
grow cultivar He grows his own food.
large grande He has a large garden.
provide....with proveer, dar This small river provides him with clean water.
plenty of much@ This river provides him with plenty of fish.
axe hacha He uses an axe to chop down trees for wood.
chop down talar, cortar (árboles) He chops down trees for wood.
burn quemar He burns pieces of wood into the stove.
have fun divertirse He also has fun. He reads a lot and writes his own stories.
typewriter máquina de escribir He writes his own stories by using an old typewriter.
play tocar (instrumento musical) He plays his guitar. He knows different songs.
spend (your) time pasar el tiempo He doesn't spend all time outside.
pretty good bastante buen@ He is pretty good at playing solitaire.
beat vencer No one beats him at playing solitaire.
mail carrier carter@ Alice works as a mail carrier in her neighborhood.
neighborhood vecindario Everyone in the neighborhood loves Alicia.
deliver entregar She stops at every house and delivers letters, bills, etc.
junk mail correo basura, correo no deseado She also delivers lots of junk mail.
throw away tirar, descartar People automatically throw away their junk mail.
cute adorable A cute bunny lives near my house.
bunny conejito A cute pet bunny lives at my best friend's home.
mean malo, agresivo, miserable That mean dog doesn't like me.
chained up encadenado That mean dog is chained up on Bean Street.
bark ladrar It always barks loudly.
toward hacia He always runs toward her.
break free liberarse He tries to break free from his chain.
weather clima She loves to be outside even in bad weather.
wear usar (ropa) She wears a warm coat and big boots.
friendliness amabilidad They appreciate her friendliness and hard work. T
herself ella misma She delivers a lot of mail to herself.
outside afuera He loves to spend time outside.
Created by: Flordelviento42



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