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UNIT 3.3


inside adentro/dentro de I am working inside. She is following the instructions inside the recipe.
about acerca de I am telling him about my life.
hand write escribir a mano I like to hand write letters.
though aunque My hand is getting tired though.
chop up picar She is chopping up some vegetables.
recipe receta She is reading a recipe.
oneself uno mismo, por si mismo, solo She is enjoying herself.
tune up afinar Bob is giving his car a tune up.
change cambiar He is changing the oil.
take (your) time tomar tu tiempo He is taking his time because he wants to do the right job.
twins gemelos, mellizos The twins are playing soccer outside.
front lawn Jardín delantero They are playing soccer in the front lawn.
soccer pitch cancha de fútbol They are using the front lawn as a soccer pitch.
burn quemar They are exercising so they are burning lots of energy.
lose weight perder peso They are a little fat, that's why they're trying to lose weight.
splash salpicar Diego is trying to splash water onto his mother's book.
hold up aguantar Mum! I'm holding up my breath.
solve resolver, encontrar la solución/respuesta The police is trying to solve a crime.
even incluso, inclusive, aun, todavía Mum! You are not even watching me!
handstand pararse de manos Are you watching me? I am doing a handstand.
chase perseguir The police officer is chasing a suspect.
hardly breath apenas respira Diego's mother is hardly breathing.
stand still quedarse quieto Suddenly time is standing still.
hide esconderse Diego! Are you hiding from me?
out of nowhere inesperadamente Out of nowhere, Diego is standing right behind his mother.
hug tightly abrazar fuertemente Suddenly, Diego's mother is crying and hugging him tightly.
pocket bolsillo Michael's phone is ringing in his pocket.
play obra teatral Hi honey. Is the play starting yet?
yet ya (interrogative) todavía (negative Are you leaving yet? No, not yet.
row fila Michael is sitting in the third row.
pull up jalar (para arriba) They are pulling up the curtain.
speaker phone altavoz I am keeping you on speaker phone.
whisper susurrar, hablar en voz muy baja Michael is whispering into the phone now.
stage escenario Only two actors are walking onto the stage.
take so long tomarle tanto tiempo, demorarse What is taking so long?
come up venir, llegar His part is coming up soon
sigh suspirar "Okay". She is sighing.
keep ones updated mantener(se) actualizado I am trying to keep you updated.
usher acomodador An usher is holding a finger up to his lips.
aisle pasillo An usher is walking down the aisle.
shush silenciar An usher is shushing me.
get into trouble meterse en problemas I am getting into trouble. I have passed the red light.
hang up colgar (el teléfono) It's time to go. I'm hanging up now.
get upset molestarse Cari is getting upset. Her husband has just hung up the phone.
Created by: Flordelviento42



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