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South Asia Vocab

Vocab for S. Asia Unit

famine an extreme shortage of food
pre-selected chosen in advance
passive resistance against authority in a nonviolent way; especially a refusal to cooperate with legal requirements
nonviolent not using violence
civil disobedience the use of nonviolent protests to challenge a government or its laws
barrier fence or other obstacle that prevents access
parliamentary relating to, enacted by, or suitable for a parliament
Indian National Congress Party oldest and largest democratically run political party in the world
doctrine a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church, political party, or other group
instability lack of stability; state of being unstable
Mohandas Gandhi Prominent leader of the Indian independence movement in India
irrigation artificially watering land and soil to assist in the growing of crops
innovation a new method or idea
Green Revolution research, development, and technology transfer initiatives that increased agricultural production worldwide between 1930 and 1960
Raj period of time in which Great Britain controlled India as a part of the British Empire
reincarnation the Hindu belief that after a person dies, his or her soul is reborn into another body
boycott to refuse to buy items from a particular country or company
outsourcing hiring workers in other countries to do a set of jobs
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