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Some vocabulary to remember and practice INTERMEDIATE

Every day I work Yesterday I worked
Yesterder I didn't worked Every day she works
Yesterday she didn't worked Yesterday she worked
Every day I fall Yesterday I fell
Conseguir algo to achieve something - to get something
conseguir hacer algo to manage to do something
¿Crees que conseguirá hacerlo? Do you thing she'll manage to do it? - Do you thing they'll manage to find it?
Do you thing they'll raise salarys? As far as I know there's no reason to worry
I'll probably go I probably won't go
Shall Preguntamos algo por cortesía y esperamos una respuesta afirmativa
Shall I open the door? Shall I hold it for you?
Shall I wake you up? Shall I help you with your laces? (cordones) /léises/
Shall we look it up on the internet? Shall we have dinner out tonight?
Shall we dance all night long? I fell when I got on the bus
get on - subir Be careful when you get on the bus
I can't do anything in this heat Don't worry they'll pay you in advance
When he arrived home, his wife was asleep It'll be here soon. Don´t be impatient. /impéishant/
Your dog is very affectionate (cariñoso) /afécshonet/ Let's stay in contact
The building's about to collapse (a punto de...) The train is about to leave
We're about to get married The company is about to announce record profits (beneficio)
I'm about to move my account to another branch (sucursal) We're about to lose all credibility
They'll abou to sell their house to make a speech
I thing the situation is about to change My neighbour is about to go away on holiday
I was about to leave hen you called Estaba a punto de irme cuando tu llamaste
We were about to tell you when the boss came in She was about to give up smoking when she met Dave
They were about to give up when she came pregnant The situation was about to change when he had a heard attack
They were about to start the meeting when they realised the problem (se dieron cuenta del problema) She was about to leve him when he sent her some flowers
The explosion took place It was about to rain when we left
I fell on the floor I met Paco on the 12th of October
A couple of days ago, I sold my house A couple of days ago, they sold their car
A couple day ago, I sold all my shares (acciones) Is it going to rain on Tuesday?
Is my plan going to work? Is the speech going to convince them?
As far as I'm concerned Por lo que a mi respecta
As far as I'm concerned, you can keep it As far as I'm concerned, I never want to see you again
As far as the party is concerned, it was a disaster As far as we're concerned , the sooner the better
As far as they are concerned, there's no reason to continue As far as the money is concerned, there's no problem
Whatever happened to him? ¿Que ha sido de el?
job /dyob/ to marry a girl - casarse con alguien
17 = Seventeen (seventíííííín, sonido en la ultima síliaba) todos los números como este suenan igual 70 = Seventy (Sééventi, sonido en la primera silaba) todos los números como este suenan igual
Shall we leave now? - ¿Nos marchamos ahora? Shall we have a look? - ¿hechamos un vistazo?
This heat is unbearble Este calor es insoportable
Shall I tell her in advance? ¿Se lo digo por adelantado?
Children can be so impatient sometimes Why isn't he more affectionate towards his children?
I'll probably see you next week Shall we go to the concert, or not?
I was asleep when you called I'm going to wash up - hacer la limpieza en la cocina
I'm going to take the dog out for a walk I'm going to mow the lawn - cortar el cesped
I'll be back at 10:00 - estaré de vuelta alas 10 Don't worry; I'll lock up - cerrar las puertas con llave
Go to bed! I'll clear the table! get off - bajar
Get off the table, you fool! You have to get off the next stop
What stop do we have to get off to? I got off at the wrong stop
You can't force people to attend the conference during the birth - durante el nacimiento
He's quite well-known in his field We saw a lot of fish at the aquarium
It doesn't make sense to call them today No tiene sentido llamarles hoy
I don't have much time He doesn't have many friends
There aren't many clouds in the sky today There isn't much wine left
I don't have much patience, I'm afraid The English, as a rule, don't speak many foreign languages
There isn't much information in this brochure Is there much money left in your account by the end of the month?
Shall we have a drink? Bebemos una copa?
Sahara told me evereything Sahaa me contaba todo
I got on the train at the last minute He's about to get on the bus
A week ago I read the book A week ago she gave me a pen
A week ago you gave me an excuse A week ago I read the news
Don't get mad at me! No te enfades con migo!
What else can I do? The line was busy
Either his phone is broken or he doesn't want anybody calling him. O su teléfono esta descompuesto o en lo quiere que nadie le llame.
I got here Yo llegé
THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE Esto no tiene sentido
Do you work full-time? Don't force me to tell him
The birth rate here is very low La tasa de natalidad aquí es muy baja
We saw a lot of rubbish on the beach There aren't many people here today
Do you have much forniture to move? The students went to London fo the weekend
As far as you're concerned, we'll talk in the morning As far as height concerned, I think he's tall enough
As far as I'm concerned, you can take whatever you want It doesn't make sense to be so strict.
Diana got off the plane at 7:30 pm Get off the bus! - bájate del autobus
He's tidier than his brother is My dessert is tastier than yours
This is simplier than I thought Your house is quiter than than mine
You're always luckier than I am Paul is angrier than I am
Sandra is happier than I am Spain is cheaper than Japan
I'm fatter than my brother Gary is more understanding than Paula
Tracy is more demanding than George Tracy es más exigénte que George
serious /sírias/ They're more relaxed about the situation now
This book is more exciting than the last novel I read My car is worse than his
My team is worse than yours My brother is better at mathematics than I am
to be good at something You are worse at languages than I am
It's harder and harder Es cada vez más dificil
It's harder and harder to find a cheap flat nowadays Or It's more and more difficult to find cheap flat nowadays
It's more and more unusual to see ladybirths nowadays I feel better and better, thank you
It's becoming more and more important to learn English My nephew is stronger and stronger
every now and again /evrynawandaguen/ de vez en cuando
I see my borther every now and again
Created by: tiotitanio
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